I feel like I have not seen my housemates in awhile.
I am currently at work. I’ll be at home in about 3 hours time when they have already left for work.
Previous days were spent either at work or on my bed snoozing.
My body seems to be getting more tired by the day.
I can’t even remember the last time I had a workout.
Maybe that’s my problem.

Last week was a pretty good week, putting aside the fact that I was sick for the first half of it.

I drove to UKM, Bangi last Thursday evening to meet up with Akey at her lab.
We did not get to talk that much as she was working on her research. Busy sangat !
I felt like I was in her way of getting things done.
But it was good to get sit down with her again. I missed her !

Mr Sunshine paid a surprise visit that Thursday night.
Wanted to check on this frequently ill girlfriend of his.
How sweet is that ? *heart smiles*
He left for Kemaman on Friday night as he had on call duties on Saturday.
He was here for less than 24 hours !

Poor thing, he must have been exhausted by the time he got back.

Lene had her Anugerah SPM Cemerlang thingy at her school (which also used to be my school) last Saturday morning.
I was there with Daddy.
It was an extremely proud moment for me to see her on stage receiving her certificate and plaque.
Brought back jolly good memories too ! I loved high school.
There were many new teachers, I could not recognize most of them. But I was touched that the ones I did, recognized and still remembered me too !
There was this inexplicable feeling when I talked to them about already graduating and working as a pharmacist.
Those people taught me 8 years ago.
Wow, 8 years. -_-

Met up with a few of my Gombak people (Navin, Gan, Trev, Dayana and Pik Kay) last Saturday at The Curve.
Had a late lunch, OK only Lene and I had late lunch as we arrived later than the rest and they have already eaten.
We watched Fast and Furious.
It was the second time I watched that movie and I still got startled at every crash scene.
Judith joined us a bit later in the night and we all talked about weddings and watched Gan and Dayana flirt with each other. Haha.
Although Lene and I managed to take a few photos together while we were waiting for the movie, it’s unusual that I forgot to snap pictures of all of us together !
Sigh. Next time lah I guess.

Had lunch at Waroeng Penyet with Diana on Sunday at The Curve (again !).
We spent hours talking about wedding dowry, hantaran items, etc etc. So seronok ok !
She bought a few things for her house from IKEA. Mula mula suruh ambil yellow bag, tak nak. Hehe.

Oh, have I told you ?
Mr Sunshine and I are planning to tie the knot !

Haha, I have been wondering for weeks on how to break the news to you people.
Well, everything is still in the planning stages. InsyaAllah.
What’s confirmed is our risik cum engagement which will happen in the middle of June. InsyaAllah.
It won’t be anything fancy as it will only be for family and a few of my best friends, probably less than 50 people altogether including his side.
So anyone who does not get invited, don’t take it to heart, OK ?
I’ll try to invite you people to my wedding reception, which, as at now, is planned for January next year.
All this will be confirmed (hopefully) after my risik cum engagement OK ?

I have less than year to go.
I have a whole lot of planning to do !

Furthermore, I (and him too of course) would be planning on a very tight budget, can’t afford to splurge on unnecessary or overpriced whatevers.
Bersederhana, kan dituntut Islam. *smiles*
We need to prioritize, from the wajibs to the tak ada pun tak apa(s).
Diana and her fiance, Hanan will be sponsoring a fruit cake for my engagement hantaran ! Thank you so much, love.

Speaking of weddings, I get quite pissed actually with people who send out messages or comments like, “Oh, kahwin tak jemput !” or worse, “Sampai hati kahwin tak jemput pun !”
Anything along the same lines lah.
Sampai hati ?
Well, it’s their wedding and it’s really up to them who they want to be there. I mean if they had it planned for only 100 pax, then so be it.
It’s their day for God’s sake.
Isn’t it better if you pray for their happiness rather than being selfish by making them feel bad about not inviting you ?
I’m seriously hungry.

Pictures will be posted in my next post. If I feel rajin.


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11 Comments on kahwin loceng. loceng kahwin ?

  1. Well, congratulations dear!
    Hope u and mr.sinaranmatahari (errr..) will be forever joining in love.

    Ya, i feel like not seeing you about two weeks rite?
    Well, hope everything is just fine and don’t quit the workout dear!
    cececehh sempat lagi tu. =P

  2. Wow~~!! Congratulations dear ~ Hopefully semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar. InsyaALLAH. Semoga ALLAH mempermudahkan perjalanan jodoh kalian. Amin 🙂 Take care always aite ~

  3. Baby: Oh really ? Hehe always welcomed. =)

    Ayu: Thanks dear ! Isk, dah one month plus tak work out ni. Sigh.

    Cheryl: Thanks love. =)

    Consuela: Hehehe thanks a lot ! But planning so far seems a bit stressful ! Hee.

    Feli: Hehehe thanks again sayang !

    Marlene: Ditto. =)

    Rohaida: Thank you. InsyaAllah. All the best to the both of us. =)

    Deeda: Thank you so very much ! =)

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