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Month: October 2009

hello terengganu !

Hi all.
Guess what, I am gonna (finally) bid farewell to Putrajaya, and wave hello to Terengganu !
So today (yesterday), the ten of us who are still remaining in Hospital Putrajaya finally got to know our posting results ! It came as a surprise to us as we were already preparing ourselves for the possibility of having to stay on for another whole month. Argh, the horror.
The fact that 7 out of 10 of us got retained in JKWPKL was pleasant news. We all got where we applied for, Alhamdulillah.
There’s just one problem, all of us do not know where (which hospital/clinic) exactly in Terengganu/Sabah/Sarawak/KL that we’re gonna work in.
I am gonna try to call tomorrow to check.
Oh yeah, according to the person I spoke to just now, we’re supposed to report for duty on November 1st. Yes, I know, that’s only like a couple of days away.
I am hoping and praying for the best. Ameen.
Had dinner and dessert with The Best Friend just now. 🙂
I officially have five McDonald’s Coke glasses.
Sorry, I have minimal willpower lah. :p
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let’s get married now.

I have been busy, but have managed to get this done. 🙂

Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Melissa R.

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checklist update #5

Akad Nikah@Solemnization

  1. Kursus Perkahwinan DONE !
  2. HIV testing DONE !
  3. Kebenaran berkahwinDONE !
  4. Wedding rings BOUGHT !
  5. Catering – Either Sal’s mum or the ustaz friend will be helping out on this.
  6. Kadi and witness DONE !
  7. Hantaran – one item left !
  8. Hantaran deco – DIY ! Sal has promised to help out with them. We have sort of decided on the theme !
  9. Nikah outfit, tudung and shoesNikah outfit is ready, my body is not ready to fit in it. :p
  10. Make up – Planning to go for a few trial makeups
  11. PhotographyBOOKED !
  12. Bed & bedroom deco

Reception (my side)

  1. Invitation cardsPRINTING.
  2. Catering BOOKED !
  3. HallBOOKED !
  4. PelaminBOOKED !
  5. Dress and shoesBOOKED !
  6. Make upBOOKED !
  7. Bunga pahar
  8. Door gifts – I think I know what I’m gonna give out as favours, nothing extravagant though. 🙂
  9. PhotographyBOOKED !
  10. PA Sytem
  11. Videography – Hmm. This can be omitted according to the budget.
  12. Corsages
  13. Cloth for bridesmaid and best manBOUGHT !
  14. Cloth for Daddy, Marc and Marlene BOUGHT !
  15. Kompang

Reception (his side)

  1. Catering & canopy– So far, his Dad said he’ll be taking care of this part of the ceremony
  2. Pelamin
  3. Dress and shoes
  4. Make up
  5. Door gifts
  6. Photography BOOKED !
  7. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man


  1. Expenses for relatives (fuel, accommodation)
  2. Honeymoon

Melissa R.

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