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Month: July 2008


Currently feeling: Pained
Currently listening to: Music – Mariah Carey

As of tomorrow, I am officially unemployed.
I was a tad emotional at work just now, not because it was my last day but because it was today that I managed to finish reading Marian Keyes’ Angels and the ending actually brought tears to my eyes (laugh all you want). I was also in tears when a lady, who during her last visit to the pharmacy had gotten to know about Mummy’s passing, came and while stroking my arm she said, “Kesian dia dah tak ada mak tau” to her friend.

I hope SPA or KKM won’t take too long to send us those offer letters otherwise they’d have to deal with my slow-working brain cells.

Looks like I’m gonna be fairly busy for the next three days with a dentist appointment, a dinner with the Gombak people, a dinner with the family and a one-whole-day (or half) date with Mr. Sunshine.

Then it’ll be Monday where I need to start fasting as I have another six more days to ganti. Not to forget, another thirty days of nazar.

My whole body’s aching.
I long for a massage. *hint hint*

So now I can finally laze around at home like most of my classmates.
Woohoo ?


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Currently feeling: Annoyed
Currently listening to: Brightly Wound – Eisley

I dozed off the minute I got back from Jusco.
Daddy, Lene and I went there for dinner right after I got off work just now.
I was supposed to exercise, not sleep.
The after effect of that is I am feeling pretty very shitty right now.
And FAT.

I have two more days before I can start bumming at home which is something I am so looking forward to.
I doubt I’d ever have a chance to do anything of that sort once I start working.

Still no news about the posting whereabouts or date.
I hate waiting OK.
Just let us know lah kan !

It’s bloody warm tonight.


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premature baby.

Currently feeling: Flabby
Currently listening to: Wishing I Was There – Natalie Imbruglia

Mr. Sunshine told me he wanted to take a half an hour nap, two hours and fifteen minutes ago.
I don’t know whether I should be waking him up, he must be exhausted.

Today, a customer came in asking for something that both Gary (my boss’ brother) and I couldn’t understand. Then he said, “Mak saya selalu datang sini beli.” and gave us this you-should-know-my-mother look. It was funny because both of us just stared back at him while he repeatedly claimed that his mother is a regular at our pharmacy.
Come on lah kan, did he expect us to look at his face and then get a picture of how his mother looked like or something ?

Don’t worry people, you’ll only have to bear with these kinda stories until the end of this month which is another six days.
After that, you people will have to read about my whining and complaints about my real job. Can’t wait eh ?
*evil laugh*

Speaking of, rumour has it that we would be getting our posting letter next week and we’d have to report for work on the 15th of August.

My face is breaking out like mad.
What’s this on my chin ? What are these on my forehead ?
Ergh. Euww.
My unhealthy diet is to blame, I know.
I told you my body needed detoxification.
But chocolates and (fried) chicken are too hard to resist lah.
How now ?

I asked the sister whether she would give up meat to save the planet.
Her answer was, “No. We’re all gonna die anyway. Plus, they’re alive for us to eat. If we don’t eat them and let them reproduce and reproduce, what will happen ?”
Now you see why I love my sister ?
She made sense to me.
I was hoping she said no.
I wasn’t ready to give up my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or Ayamas’ Spicy Drummets or Ayam Penyet or KFC. OMG, KFC !

Kak Siti had to undergo an emergency operation yesterday morning to save her baby. Her placenta broke down, and if they were an hour late, she might have lost the baby. Scary, isn’t it ?
The baby’s 7 months and two weeks premature. Oh, it’s a girl and she’s still under observation in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
I hope everything goes well for Kak Siti and her first child.

Life’s so fragile.

Hmm, I think I should wake Mr. Sunshine up.


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