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Month: November 2011

rolling with the homies.

Hello, here’s a quick update on what has been going on during the past week:

  • I finally got my pelepasan dengan izin application signed. Alhamdulillah. I hope it won’t take too long to get processed. I’m gonna bug the people in MOH everyday from now on.
  • Babysitter’s issue has been resolved. Alhamdulillah. I’m still sending Khayla to the same sitter.
  • Juggling my career along with being a Mummy is exhausting (and stressful). HATS OFF TO ALL YOU SUPERMUMS OUT THERE ! But I’m so thankful for a very supportive and helpful hubby who doesn’t mind chipping in on doing some house chores. Alhamdulillah. Mr. Sunshine, I can’t thank you enough, so this is for you:
*pretty apt now that they’ve tripled in size, huh ? Hehe.

  • Khayla has started to roll over !! We just discovered this new talent of hers two nights ago. I was so excited I recorded it for my your viewing pleasure. Hehe. Well, to be honest there’s a recording of her every day in my phone. I’m obsessed !

I’m soooo proud of my baby girl ! She can’t roll from her back to the front YET but it’s a great start ! :))

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone ! Bye !


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dian khayla – 3 months progress report

Khayla has evolved into a crybaby, since she turned 3 months. A real crybaby ! As you can read in my previous post, even the babysitter has trouble with her excessive crying. Her usual daily sleep time is around 12 to 1 am, and to put her to sleep is a constant struggle. She would cry and cry in between feedings (and some chit chat) for about 3 hours until she falls asleep. We’ve tried everything; rubbing her tummy with oil, rocking her, changing her diaper, walking around the house while carrying her, patting her to sleep etc etc; but she would just keep on crying until she decides she’s sleepy enough to go to bed.
Mr. Sunshine and I even brought her to a man who claims he can help by reading Quranic verses to her. But so far, there’s no change. It’s worrying.
Some people tell me that she’s just the type who loves to cry and it will (hopefully) get better as she gets older.
It can get pretty stressful for both Mr. Sunshine and I especially when we’re sleep deprived and tired from work, but we’re taking it one day at a time. InshaAllah. Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear ! 🙂

Mr. Sunshine shaved her head a month ago. This was how she looked like then.

This is how her head looks like now.

No big difference but her hair is growing, slowly. Hehe.

She can hold her head up for longer periods now, and ‘talk’ and laugh while she does so (if she’s in a good mood).

She does not cry that much anymore when getting dressed. I guess she finally figured out she can’t get away from it, hehe. 🙂

She also enjoys sucking her hands at times. I used to think she was hungry but she would refuse milk, so I’m guessing she just enjoy sucking on them. Oh, and Alhamdulillah, Khayla is still fully breastfed. 🙂

When she’s not crying, hehe, we can leave her on her mattress and she would entertain herself with the telly, laugh at the fan and talk to her dangling toys. 🙂
She would turn to look whenever we call out her name.

She only gained 500grams in the past month, so she is currently weighing 5.9kgs. As long as she’s healthy and not losing weight, I’m happy. 🙂
In the past week I’ve noticed that she doesn’t sleep as long as she used to when put in her cradle. Not too sure whether that trait’s here to stay.

Khayla’s currently down with runny nose. Poor baby, she had so much trouble falling asleep last night. 🙁
She finally dozed off at 0330 hours.

Pray she gets better soon, ok ? Bye !


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i resign.

After 90 days of maternity leave and an extra day off, it was back to work for me last Monday. It felt as if it was my first day at work ever !
My memory of how to carry out work tasks were a bit fuzzy that day. Hehe.

I am currently recovering from a hectic past three weeks.
Marc and Linn were solemnized on Friday, November 11th, Alhamdulillah. Lene and I helped with the hantaran preparations. Their solemnization plans were kinda last minute, they got everything done within a month ! Phew ! Long story there, malas nak elaborate.
But Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, and their reception will be held in February, InshaAllah.

Mr. Sunshine and I. 🙂

Faira, Aunty Maziey, Lene and I.

Alhamdulillah. Welcome to the family, Linn ! 😀

The newlyweds. 🙂

Family picture – Khayla was getting tired, hehe.

Starting work also meant that I had to send Dian Khayla to a nursery/babysitter. We found a babysitter prior to Aidiladha but didn’t have the time to send Khayla over for a ‘trial period’. So we started sending Khayla there last Sunday.
I was so fortunate that Lene was still on her hols so she came over to help me with Khayla because Mr. Sunshine was away in Seremban for the whole week.
Surprisingly, leaving Khayla at the babysitter’s was not as hard as I thought it would be. I guess all the mental preparation I had been doing worked !
Mental preparation – Repeat after me, “I have no choice, I have to work, and someone else has to take care of my baby. No two ways around it.” 
Just two days after taking care of Khayla, the babysitter sent me this:

I immediately broke down, my heart was aching to go pick Khayla up immediately. :'(
I can understand that it’s not easy looking after Khayla, I’m exhausted everyday. But to give up just after a couple of days is heartbreaking. Sigh.
Since that text message, my mind wasn’t at peace. I would go to work in the morning, wishing that it was 1700 hours already so that I can be with my baby again. It’s like I’m letting my baby be taken care of by someone who was not sincere. 🙁

Mr. Sunshine and I are scouting for another sitter, but as at now we haven’t found one. So we’d still have to send Khayla to the same person next week.
I’m trying my best not to worry too much. Not easy !

My situation at work is not helping either.
I haven’t blogged about this before because I wanted it to be a surprise but looking at how things are right now, I might as well just tell the whole world what’s going on. Haha. (fake laugh)
In June, I went for an interview for a Pharmacist post in UiTM and in August, just a week after Khayla was born, they told me I was offered the post in UiTM Shah Alam’s Health Centre. Alhamdulillah. Sounds exciting doesn’t it ?
Well, it was exciting until the director of the hospital I’m working at refuses to sign my pelepasan dengan izin application.
For those of you who don’t get it, I’m working under the Ministry of Health (MOH), so in order to work with UiTM, I have to resign from MOH and if I want my three years of service in the government to be accounted for, I have to apply to be ‘released with permission’ a.k.a pelepasan dengan izin. I can just resign because resignation does not need anyone’s approval but my three years of service will go down the drain.
I signed my resignation letter and pelepasan dengan izin application in early October and it hasn’t been signed by her. She (the director) has no power to approve my application, MOH does, but I need her signature as my Ketua Jabatan. Her reason is that I have to complete my compulsory service which is ridiculous to me because I am not trying to run away from completing it, I am trying to continue the service in UiTM. Recently, after pharmacists were allowed to shorten our three-year compulsory service to one, I thought that would make things easier but nooooo, she still insists that I have to complete my compulsory service first. Sigh. It’s absurd that after almost two months, my application hasn’t even reached MOH yet !
After discussing with Mr. Sunshine and Daddy, I have decided to just resign. Tawar hati dah !
My three month’s resignation notice ends on the 31st of December, so I’ll start work in UiTM in January, InshaAllah.

I hope I’m doing the right thing, I hope it’s what’s best for me. Ameen.

Things are so overwhelming for me right now, physically, emotionally and mentally. I’m such a mess ! *nangis*


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