It was in December 2016, and Khaleel was warded due to bronchiolitis.

It brought me back to all the times Khayla was warded due to the same reasons, and I was so worried that history would repeat itself. Furthermore, our family has a long history of asthma and eczema from arwah Mummy’s side, however, that did not stop me from looking for ways to help improve my family’s health.

Khaleel when he was admitted in December 2016 due to bronchiolitis

I have been hearing about essential oils and how they can play a role in our health, mood & well being but I was skeptical to try them because I thought how on earth can inhaling or applying oils help anyone, right?
I was introduced to the person whom I bought my first essential oils from a.k.a mak minyak through a friend of mine. From day 1, she was very helpful as I asked so many questions before I actually decided to proceed with my purchase. She still is very, very, very helpful! Hehe.

The first oils I bought were Frankincense, Peppermint, Thieves, Lemon, RC and the Dewdrop Diffuser (including Lemon & Lavender) and I got them delivered right to the hospital where Khaleel was admitted.

My first Essential Oils purchase!

How do these oils work?

I am actually planning to write a separate post on this but in short, when we inhale these oils, our nerves send signals to the limbic system of our brain (center of memory & emotion), other areas of our brain & our lungs. When applied topically, they are absorbed into our skin & bloodstream & go to work. As a result, improved wellness! InshaAllah.

Soon, I realised that the more I read about essential oils, the more I am intrigued.
Similarly, the more I use them, the more I want to use more. Haha.
Little did I know that this will be the beginning of an exciting journey!

My brand of choice for essential oils is of course Young Living. I will share with you on the reasons on why I choose Young Living in a separate post, InshaAllah.

Among the staple oils in our house are:
1. Thieves – for immune support
2. RC – for respiratory support
3. Stress Away – as its name suggests, for my sanity. Haha.
4. Digize – for digestive support
5. Lavender – to calm & sooth after a looong day.
6. Lemon – immune, respiratory & effective house cleaner.
7. Peppermint – energizing, gives me the zest I need to start my day.

I make sure my kids get ‘oiled’ everyday now. Heck, even I get ‘oiled’ everyday too.

It took me over a year to have the confidence to share my experience with all of you.❤
Alhamdulillah, I’m so blessed Allah chose me to use these amazing oils and to share them with you.

Have you heard about essential oils prior to this? Do share. 🙂


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