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Month: October 2010

i don’t want to be here.

Our modem decided to die on us last Sunday, so I’m blogging from my phone again.
We’ll get a replacement modem by Saturday. Well that’s what the guy at the IT store told Mr Sunshine.
No stable internet connection = no blog hopping = no Facebooking = no tweeting.
I was on medical leave yesterday and today because of this persistent headache that has been bugging me. For these past two days, I have been popping analgesics, rubbing axe oil all over my head and oversleeping.
I overslept to the extent I missed a call from my colleague this morning who wanted to check if I could come in to work today as her uncle passed away.
I only found out about it late this afternoon after I woke up. I’m feeling quite terrible now thanks to that. :'(
I have so much on my mind right now, but since I’m having my menses, I think it’s just my hormones taking me for a ride.
So I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.

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birthday gift dilemma.

I finally received payment for the claims I made in August. Alhamdulillah.
I have promised myself that I will use some of that money to pay my income zakat (alms) for this year.

October will be ending in a little more than a week’s time.
And November happens to be a super special month because three VVIM (very, very important men) in my life were born in November !
Daddy and Mr Sunshine share the same birth date on November 1st (but arwah Atok registered Daddy’s birth a day after), and Marc’s birthday is on November 26 !

After what Mr Sunshine did for me for my birthday (you can check it out here and here), he definitely set the bar pretty high for me.
Frankly, I don’t think I can ever top what he did, knowing that I suck when it comes to surprises or getting gifts for people. :'(
I already got him one of the few gifts I am planning to get, but I have a feeling he already knows what it is and he will just pretend to act surprised when he gets it. Hehe. Kan awak, kan kan kan ?
But at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts and it’s not a competition of who gets who the best gift right ?
Ok, I am obviously consoling myself here.

One of my besties, Annisa is planning to make a trip here early next month and I am so excited. Although she won’t be staying over at my place but the thought of having someone I’m close to near to me for a weekend is just nice. She also happens to be a November baby ! ;D

Note to self: Don’t touch eyes after slicing cili padi.


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I dislike the feeling I have when I wake up after having a weird dream, especially when it involves people who are no longer in my life (either dead or alive).

Last night was weird.

My lappie has developed a habit of turning itself off without warning, and now I can’t seem to use my wireless connection function. I’m back to using the good old cable to go online.
My lappie has gone weird on me.

Word of the day: Weird.

Marc is done wit his Management Trainee stint at Sime Darby. But so far there is no news of him or the others being absorbed, so we’ll just have to pray, wait and see. I really hope he gets it. InshaAllah.

I am quite pleased with myself for actually following through with my vow to start making up my fasts as early as I can. So far I have managed to make up for 11 days which leaves me with another 5 more.
If all goes well, after today, I’d be left with 4 days !

I’m having this weird pain at my body’s right lower quadrant. Hmm.

I am totally aware that this is a weird and boring post.


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