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Month: April 2009

thrice is nice.

Hi all.

First off, I would like to extend my (million) thanks to everyone for all your birthday wishes, calls, text messages and comments on all the social networking sites I am on. *smiles*
Secondly, I would like to apologize to the ones who tried to call me during midnight on the 27th and during office hours on the same day. I was fast asleep and super busy at work at those times ! But thanks ! *smiles*

So yeah, I turned 25 last Monday.
It’s a pretty surreal feeling to turn this age.
Plenty has changed throughout the years, yet there are certain things that I can never seem to shake off.
Lately I have been receiving comments that I seem very much more mature now and even though at first I felt quite offended (I have adapted too well comments that I don’t look my age) but right now I can say that I agree. It’s not about how I look. It’s about the things I do, and the decisions I make.
These years have taught me a lot.
About priorities.
About love.
About trust.
About friendship.
And about life, as a whole.
Not everything happened the way I wanted them to. And as much I want them to, I have learned to accept that everything do happen for a reason. So cliche, I know !
I have grown to be more grateful with the things I have. I complain less about the things I don’t, and can’t have.
It’s a shame to admit that I still do whine every now and then.
I am working on that !

I have been super busy since the last time I posted here.
I was on call last weekend so I have been working 11 days straight and I am pretty exhausted. Which is why I celebrated my birthday night on my bed. I was asleep just after 9 pm.
I did not enjoy my weekend shift. I shall try not to elaborate on that, I’m in no mood to get all worked up again.
I guess at the end of the day, all that matters is I am doing my work and getting paid for it.

But I won’t be working this weekend including Friday ! Woohoo !

Over this 7 days, I have had Nando’s THRICE.
Two of it being birthday treats. Thank you Akey and Noe ! *heart smiles*

Oh, Mr Sunshine lost his phone last Saturday. *frowns*
He got himself a new phone but he is using a temporary number as our postpaid registration is under my name and I just took his new simcard last night from the Maxis Centre in Sunway Pyramid.
So, friends of Mr Sunshine who reads this, please sms your number to him starting tomorrow OK ?
And yes, he’s on the bus and will be here in a few hours time !

I wanna go get ready now OK. I have to go pick him up.
Bye !


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I was in the middle of typing a super duper long post to bore you people.
But I am super sleepy now.
I guess you people are super lucky eh.
Shall make an attempt again tomorrow.



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oh sulley wulley.


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