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Month: March 2012

ipoh mali.

Hello darlings !
Just wanted to share with all of you photos from the best friend and the brother’s wedding plus our recent short trip to Ipoh. 🙂
Some snapshots from Akhir & Arin’s solemnization, reception and ‘bertandang’ ceremonies. 🙂

The bride, my beautiful best friend of 14 years. 🙂

Khayla being entertained by Akhir’s niece, Batrisya. 🙂
I love you bestie !
Alhamdulillah. 🙂
Husband & wife, finally ! :))
Their beautiful dais. 🙂
The family with the newlyweds.
Pulut kuning cutting ceremony.

Aunty Akey and (a very surprised-looking) Khayla.
Us, and (again, a very surprised-looking) Khayla.
Congratulations dearest ! :))

And now some pictures from Marc & Linn’s reception at Galeri Shah Alam.

The bride getting ready.
The guest book table. Cute kan ?
Their gorgeous dais. 🙂

Pretty, right ?
Doorgifts. They gave out Gardenia muffins & Twiggies ! ;D
Their table centerpiece. They actually planted the wheatgrass themselves. So rajin.
Daddy & Mr. Sunshine grabbing a bite before the guests arrive.

Mr. Sunshine, (a pouty) Khayla and I. Love !

The bride and groom have arrived !

Smilllleeeee ! 😀

‘One happy family at home’. Hehe. I had to lift up my kain a bit because it kept getting wet due to the drizzle !

Mr. Sunshine brought Khayla and I to Ipoh two weeks ago to attend his ex schoolmate’s wedding.

On our way to Ipoh. 🙂

We decided to spend a night in Ipoh because the wedding was on Sunday. It totally slipped our minds that it was the start of the school holidays, so almost all the hotels were fully booked. Mr. Sunshine managed to get a booking at Ecotel Hotel, a budget hotel. It was not bad for a budget hotel, comfy king-sized bed, flat screen telly, water heater and coffee making facilities. It was clean, probably because it was still new; 3 months old.:)

For those who don’t already know, my family and I stayed in Ipoh almost two years. I spent two of my primary school years there, and Mr. Sunshine went to Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR) from Form 1 to Form 5. So being back in Ipoh brought back so many fond memories !

Jalan Rajaratnam, in Canning Garden. The road where we used to live on. I was almost in tears, drama much ?
Mr. Sunshine in front of his alma mater. 🙂

My primary school !
Mr. Sunshine with his ex schoolmates. Khayla was freaking out from all the attention she was getting. Hehe.

Khayla was so well behaved throughout the whole trip, Alhamdulillah.
That’s about it for now, bye !


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choppers !

Last Wednesday, the babysitter’s daughter sent me a text message asking me whether I knew that Khayla had teeth already ! She told me that Khayla’s bottom two middle teeth were emerging.

My baby is teething already !

I suspected as much because Khayla has been having restless sleep for the past couple of weeks. She would wake up, cry a bit, roll over and struggle to open her eyes because she’s still so sleepy. This would happen a few times throughout the night. I would have to pat her back to sleep every time. She has been drooling excessively too ! She wouldn’t miss a chance to gnaw on anything and everything.
Whenever I tried to check her gums, she would stick out her tongue and lick my fingers. I couldn’t see anything. A few days ago, she actually chewed on my finger and I felt something sharp, but she still wouldn’t let me check her gums. On Tuesday night, Linn claimed she saw something white on Khayla’s bottom gum but Khayla (as usual) stuck her tongue out when she tried to see what it was.

When I got back that Wednesday, I finally managed to get her to smile without her tongue sticking out and there they were, a small portion of a pair of teeth poking through her gums ! I was soooo excited (and emotional !).


Looks like I’ve gotta go get my baby a toothbrush. :’)


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the lengths we(i) would go to make our(my) baby laugh

Yes, that’s my awful voice in the background. 😀


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