What do you do when the passion fades?


I posted this question on my Facebook last year and one person answered that I should recheck my reason, while another told me to experiment & try out new things.

When we talk about passion, it’s that fire which drives you to do something. It’s that intense desire or enthusiasm for something. And like everything else in this world, it is not permanent.
But I believe if you are truly passionate about something, you will go all out to make sure that the fire does not fade.

And how do you do that?
Do you recheck your reason?
Or do you experiment & try out new things?

I would say – DO BOTH!

Without a doubt, we should always, always go back to the reason we started involving ourselves in that special something. Ask ourselves why, who, what? Why am I doing this? Who am doing this for? Why do I need this? What do I want to change with this?

In addition to this, we should always try to look for different ways to spice up that special something. Experiment, try something new. Something new does not mean ditching the old but it can mean revamping the methods in which we have been so accustomed to.

If I may add, it really helps to surround ourselves with positive people who can support us when we feel like we have lost it or to give us that extra nudge when we need it. Because we are only human and our passion can fluctuate – nobody’s perfect!

Yes, passion here can refer to anything – our relationship, our career, our friendships, our hobbies, etc etc. Because passion needs to exist in all of them!

Here’s to living 2019 passionately!:)


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