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I am just in no mood to do anything except sit in my room and sleep. And maybe cry a bit or a lot. Who cares, right ?
Mr Sunshine is on his way back to Terengganu (he was already in Kemaman the last time I checked and that was about half an hour ago) and I am extremely sad.
We did not get to spend much quality time together this time around, we met last night (Friday) at around 8 pm as I got off work pretty late and he had to settle a couple of things pertaining to his car earlier in the day.
He helped me moved most of my things into my new room, then we had a late dinner, and before we knew it, it was today (Saturday) and he had to send his car to the tint shop which took fucking 4 hours to finish as there were many cars in line. We were stuck there the whole time.
Then he had to leave early to avoid arriving too late as he’s working tomorrow.
I despise this feeling.
All the anticipation I had the whole month, pushing through every single day knowing that it brings me a day closer to being able to be in his arms again.
But it all just has to end so fast. And I have to wait for another month (or more) before we can see each other again.
I hate kissing his hand before he leaves.
I hate the sad stare he gives me. I believe he does not know it’s noticeable.
I hate that I already miss him (tremendously !!) just seconds after he leaves.
I hate the fact that he has to leave !

This is seriously depressing.


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