I spent a few hours going through my old WordPress and Blogger blogs the other day. I had to do so because I wanted to take down all photos of myself not covering my aurah.  
What a hassle, kan ? Siapa suruh tak tutup aurat dari dulu ? Isk isk.
As I was deleting the photos, I got to read some of my old posts, and I realized I could sum up my posts with one word; DRAMA.

I cringed while reading some of my posts. The life I had before was filled with unnecessary drama and I was all over the place. I still think I am a drama queen, but the old me was THE drama queen of all drama queens !

I have to remind myself to be constantly grateful for my present AND my past.
Without what I experienced in the past, I would not be the wiser (ahem !) person I am now. My past changed me, for the better. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah ! 🙂

Khayla has been down with fever, cough & runny nose for the past few days, which means more sleepless nights for Mummy and Ayah. This time, being sick has also affected her appetite. Poor darling. Alhamdulillah she is recovering and slowly, but I’m just wondering, is it normal for a baby to fall sick every month ? Khayla had her first fever around the same time last month. Hmm.

Oh, my baby is10 months old today ! Alhamdulillah. :))
I shall update on her 9 months milestones, soon, InshaAllah.

Khayla showing off her pearly whites. 🙂

My cold sores have cleared up, Alhamdulillah. I’ve gotta take better care of myself from now on.

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5 Comments on drama mama.

  1. wish i had my old blogs to go through, too. i remember a lot of them being way way melodramatic but then, my creative writing skills back then were indefinitely MUCH better than now. cringing aside, it’s nice to read and learn how much you’ve grown, no? (: and yeah.. also to have reminders about what little lessons to remember and carry through life.

    good to know you’re all better (from them sores) and i don’t know if khayla hams it up for the camera but she sure is one smiley baby!!! 😀 😀

    r/c: i decided to laser off my old cutting scars. too much stigma that i don’t care for providing explanations anymore.

  2. Mel: i think it’s pretty normal laa dear, lagi2 now with the hot unpredictable weather… it’s so easy to catch the ‘bug’. dun worry too much! as long as Khayla is active n her temp’s not on the ‘extremely high’ side, shud b ok, just make sure she wears light clothings, drink lots of milk n water. ZA pun demam few weeks back… got it after we brought him swimming. and bout Khayla’s appetite, biasalah babies when sick. when she’s feeling better im sure she’ll gain back her appetite.. yeah! get well soon dear Khayla! aunty jealous tgk ur pretty pearly whites!

  3. at certain time mmg like every month depa sakit…. ada masa jarang2 …. don’t worry darling… persekitaran skrg pun x menentu… doa banyak2…

  4. Mel ! Where are youuuu ? My writing was way better before too, my vocabulary is sadly shrinking. Tsk tsk. It’s definitely nice to look back once in awhile, that’s why I’m not deleting any of my previous posts/blogs. Life is a lesson, everyday ! Khayla was actually being tickled by her Ayah in that photo. Hehe.

    Dina: Oh that’s good to hear, I guess I’d have to be more prepared after this. Poor babies kan. Zabi Aydan will have lotsa pearly whites soon too. Hehe.

    Ana: Itulah, risau because Khayla tak pernah demam before she turned 9 months then now dah twice pulak demam. Isk.

    Reen: Alhamdulillah, bersama kita berubah ke arah kebaikan. 🙂

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