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Month: January 2012

khayla meets harith.

Oh my, it’s already the last day of January !

I am just recovering from a day of slight fever, cough, runny nose and vomiting yesterday. My throat’s still sore but I am so much better today, Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah, Mr. Sunshine has been posted to Petaling Jaya since last Thursday.
He is planning to ride his bike to and fro work, something which we don’t see eye to eye about – due to safety reasons – but he insists that he can cut costs if he does so.We went to visit my best friend, Diana last Saturday and when we found out that her husband rides a bike to work too, I knew it was no use disagreeing with him anymore. 🙁
But it’s such a blessing that he’s here, Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Diana’s baby boy, Harith is soooo adorable ! Always with a smile on his face, he was so active rolling around the living room.
He and Khayla were born a month apart. To have my best friend also have a baby the same age as mine is awesome ! We frequently exchange stories about how our little ones are doing. 🙂

Wheee ! Khayla clearly wasn’t in the mood for a photo, unlike Harith. 🙂

Khayla & Harith – holding hands on their first date, haha.

We were back in Batu Pahat during the long Chinese New Year weekend. One of my sister in-law got engaged, yayyyy !! Alhamdulillah. 🙂

Her nikah is planned for March next year, InshaAllah. Khayla took quite a long time (3 days to be exact) to warm up to my in-laws ! She would cry (read: scream) whenever any of them held her, and would only calm down if I hold her.

I have been losing so much hair recently, and along with the fact that Khayla loves to tug at my hair, I finally decided to cut it short while we were in Batu Pahat. It has been years since I had real short hair. So now I would love to think I look like this..

..but instead I think I look like Peter Pan.

Well actually Lene has been calling me that ever since I chopped off my hair. Haha..

Work has been good, Alhamdulillah. The traveling can get pretty exhausting but it’s still manageable lah.

People (including mum in-law) have been asking whether Mr. Sunshine and I are planning to get a house nearer to our my workplace but we have decided to stay in Gombak for a couple of years first or until we’re really ready to settle down elsewhere.


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welcome home sunshine !


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dian khayla – 5 months progress report

Dian Khayla at 5 months.

Alhamdulillah, she has mastered the art of rolling over, although she only rolls to her right. Once she’s on her tummy, she doesn’t roll back. Hehe. She has been trying to lift her butt off the floor, which results in her pushing herself  backwards or to the side.

She grabs anything and everything, putting them in her mouth either to lick or bite them. She even licks people’s faces !

She is no longer fully breastfed ! *cries tears of blood*

I started supplementing with formula milk since 28 December 2011, because Khayla refuses bottled EBM at times. I couldn’t bear to let her starve, so I gave in.

I still feel so awful, feel like I’ve failed as a mother to provide the best for my baby. :'(
But I guess as long as she’s growing up healthily, I should be grateful. Alhamdulillah she nows weighs 7.1 kgs !
She drinks Mamex Gold at the babysitter’s, and will breastfeed at night and on weekends. Alhamdulillah she has been adjusting pretty well at the sitter’s, after a couple of days of non-stop wailing. Leaving her in the mornings is difficult as she would pout and cry a bit. It amazes me that she can sense I’d be leaving her at such an age.

She loves playing with her feet !

Her legs are getting stronger, and she enjoys her ‘standing time’. She can sit up well when supported, and loves to play with her aunties and uncle at home. She is slowly warming up to her Atuk a.k.a Daddy. Hehe. She is quite the talker, and “abababababa, maaamaa,” are her usual words. 🙂

Mummy’s lil’ girl. 🙂


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