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Month: May 2011

“you’re the worst.”

You know you need a rescue when the mere fact that you’re suffering from constipation makes you feel like a total failure.

It’s just preposterous how a few snide remarks can leave you feeling miserable for so long.


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of pasta and curry puffs.

At the beginning of this week, I had this great plan of writing about my cooking escapades last weekend but this week has been so Awful (yes, with a capital A) that it sucked all of the positive energy out of me. Not that I had tonnes of it to begin with, anyway.

Praise Allah that this week’s almost over, and as a tribute to that, I’m gonna post up a few pictures from last weekend. Hehe.

1. Mr Sunshine and I purchased a Midea portable air-conditioner to place in our bedroom last Thursday.

Not to be mistaken for an air cooler !

My nights are no longer sweat-filled ! Woohoo !

2. Mr. Sunshine requested that I cook ayam masak lemak cili padi again last Friday. According to him, it’s his favourite home cooked dish. 🙂

From left: Oregano omelette (haha), bendi goreng belacan & ayam masak lemak cili padi. Simple but satiating. :p

3. I was having cravings for pasta for the whole of last week so I made Fettucine Bolognese for lunch on Saturday.

Burp !

4. Saturday afternoon also witnessed me at my very first attempt at making curry puffs.

The pastry didn’t taste as good as I would have wanted it to, but Mr. Sunshine loved the beef & potatoes filling I made. He ate the filling leftovers with bread. 🙂

My far from beautiful curry puffs. 😀

I had planned to bring some to the office but since they didn’t turn out super delicious, I was ashamed to do so. Haha.

But syukur for a husband who appreciates and loves my cooking. Hehe. :p

Ok bye.


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who do you think you are ?

Good morning.
I was awaken earlier than usual this morning, because I dozed off just after 2100 hours last night.
Mr. Sunshine was not even back from his futsal game at the time.

I felt so drained, albeit yesterday being the only first day of my working week. I had trouble sleeping the night before.
In addition to that, I came back from work, with tears in my eyes. And continued to cry until I fell asleep. :”(

Initially, I thought I knew for sure why I was bawling my eyes out, but as the night progressed, I was confused.
I was aware I should not let her words get to me, but I did.
So I ended up questioning myself. Doubting myself. I was overwhelmed. Last night was just so messed up.

But today is a new day, so I shall try to leave the past behind and brace myself for what’s ahead !
Sound believable enough ? Haha.

Have a good week everyone !


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