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Month: March 2010

goodbye my friend, it’s not the end.

Yes, that’s a line from the Spice Girls’ song.

I’d be attending a two-day Ward Pharmacist (Clinical) Documentation Workshop in Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala Terengganu starting tomorrow.
I get to hitch a ride with Mr Sunshine. Yay !

The past two days have been hectic, felt as if I barely had time to breathe.
Banyak kerja !

Things were not so rosy in the emotions department too.
Some people kept pressing the wrong buttons, resulting in me being very cold and agitated.
I also got to know that one of my colleagues, Nur Amalina (affectionately called Ina), who I am close to is leaving this Thursday.
Going back to HUSM, Kelantan.
Which means she will no longer be working at the hospital. :””(

The only photo I have of Ina and I. 🙁

She and I had grown to be so close in the span of 5 months that I have been here.
Besides sharing secrets, gossips and heart to heart conversations, cracking silly jokes, we were always discussing about new cases, patients (read: work) and she is just always there whenever I needed a helping hand.
She lives in the unit just below me, and we go out together sometimes, she (and her hubby !) looks out for me whenever I am unwell and whenever Mr Sunshine’s not around.
Even the Pharmacy Assistants have told us we look like we’d make good best friends.
I’d definitely be missing the presence of such a good, trustworthy, kind-hearted, sweet and funny friend and co-worker !

This is sad.
And of course I cried. I still can cry now, if you want me to. :p
But I am definitely happy for her.
I wish nothing but the best for her future, especially for the 18-week old foetus she’s carrying around now. 😉
I pray she’d be strong enough to face any obstacles and challenges at her new workplace.

Ok I’m gonna go sit and mope for a bit.


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earth hour ?

More like Earth Day for us here.

We had an 8-hour electricity cut off today.
Plus, I have been down with diarrhea since morning, so I need all the cooling down (with water AND the fan) I can get.

Hence, I do not think we’d be switching off our lights later for Earth Hour.

Ok bye.


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high land.

Thank God it’s the weekend.

It feels good to just laze around doing nothing with Mr Sunshine. 🙂

I cannot believe it’s almost the end of March
Soon, it will be April !
I love April !

Not only because it’s my birth month lah. Hehe.
But Mr Sunshine and I are planning a short getaway to the Highlands next month !
We have not finalized whether we’d be going to Cameron or Genting, but so far the odds are against Genting because we have cash vouchers for two nights stay at the Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands.
The vouchers will be expiring end of next month.
So, we’d probably make a trip to Genting some other time.

Mr Sunshine will be away for a course in Port Dickson for 5 days next month.
And I am planning to take a flight back home to Gombak on my own for a couple of days to be with my family and also meet up with friends I dearly miss !
The only problem is transportation from to and fro the airport here.
I hope I will find a solution that does not involve leaving my car at the airport, so I can happily run into the arms of my loved ones. Hehe.

I honestly miss Gombak and all my friends ! :'(


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