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Month: June 2009

checklist update #1

Akad Nikah@Solemnization

  1. Kursus Perkahwinan – Planning to attend in July, InsyaAllah
  2. HIV testing – I am a bit confused about how long the test is valid, is it 6 months or 3 ?
  3. Kebenaran berkahwin – Sounds sooo scary.
  4. Wedding rings
  5. Catering – need to estimate the number of family members who will be there. Planning to have a morning akad, followed by a simple light meal for guests.
  6. Kadi and witness – Will be discussing with Daddy.
  7. Hantaran
  8. Hantaran deco – DIY ! Sal has promised to help out with them. 🙂
  9. Nikah outfit, tudung and shoes – I have no idea where and who to send the cloths to.
  10. Make up – I want to try to get an affordable package along with my reception pelamin and outfit
  11. PhotographyBOOKED !
  12. Bed & bedroom deco – Not planning to have a pelamin for my akad as we will be solemnized in a mosque, so a ‘pengantin room’ would suffice. Not thinking of hiring anyone, I can do this myself. I think.

Reception (my side)

  1. Invitation cards
  2. Catering – Estimation number of guests needed.
  3. HallBOOKED !
  4. Pelamin
  5. Dress and shoes
  6. Make up
  7. Bunga pahar
  8. Door gifts
  9. PhotographyBOOKED !
  10. Videography – Hmm. This can be omitted according to the budget.
  11. Corsages
  12. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man – Have not decided whether this is necessary.
  13. Cloth for Daddy, Marc and Marlene – This too.
  14. Kompang

Reception (his side)

  1. Catering & canopy– So far, his Dad said he’ll be taking care of this part of the ceremony
  2. Pelamin
  3. Dress and shoes
  4. Make up
  5. Door gifts
  6. Photography BOOKED !
  7. Cloth for bridesmaid and best man


  1. Expenses for relatives (fuel, accommodation) – Sobs. Bayar sendiri tak boleh ye ? Hee.
  2. Honeymoon – Will be thought about after sorting out other things. Even if we do go anywhere it would be within Malaysia. 🙂

I hope I did not leave anything out.

Melissa R.

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geli me now.

I am on call tonight (yesterday night) again.
Time flew by real fast tonight.
I spent half of the night uploading my engagement photos on my Facebook.
Yes, Ann and I met up and I have finally got my hands on them pretty shots !
Feast your eyes on a few of them ! 😉

Lene did my make-up for the day. I’ve always told you my sister is hebat.

My hantaran. Done by Sal (mostly) and Lene at the very very last minute. I did mention that they stayed up until almost 6 am that day, right ?

This did not take as long as I thought it would. But my heart was racing while waiting upstairs.

Heart still racing. You can tell just by looking at my OMG-what-am-I-supposed-to-do-now look.

The stubborn ring. Embarrassed me in front of all. My future MIL actually jokingly said, “Dah gemuk kot” when it took so long for the ring to actually fit. Sobs ! Truth is, when we bought it, I tried it on my left ring finger (which is slightly smaller than my right side) and it fitted perfectly. Reminder: Try rings on fingers on both sides in future.

Finally ! Cium sikit. Thank you thank you. 🙂

Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah. Aamin. 🙂

With future MIL and SILs. 🙂

Family !

Orang orang kuat saya. ♥

Besties. 😉


Family again.

Soon to be Mr and Mrs ! ♥

And I have saved the best for last…

(pardon my grammar, I ♥ my Daddy)

I have about half an hour until my shift is over but I have not rested at all.
I hope I’d be able to drive back safely to Gombak later as I’ve got a couple of important things to settle.

I miss my sister lah.
It’s a peculiar feeling, it’s not that we used to see each other everyday as I am here on most days.
But still, I miss her.


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where at ?

InsyaAllah, Mr Sunshine and I will be solemnized at a mosque. I do not know which one yet.
Daddy told me he would be arranging the necessary but not now lah. Probably the earliest would be 3 months before.
I am anxious to know the details about the mosque, whether we’re allowed to bring the hantaran trays inside (there are mosques that have rules against this) and whether there will be an area to serve food to the guests.
Feeling a bit lost pertaining to my whole akad nikah ceremony now.

My reception would be preferably held in a hall instead of my house. Why ?
a) The area outside my house is just not kenduri-friendly. It was OK for the engagement because we only had one tent. I cannot imagine having 3 or more tents put up in such an area.
b) There will be a lot of spring cleaning to be done if I were to have it at my house, and I am, as usual, VERY lazy.
c) I want air conditioning. Call me spoilt but I am (very) sweat-prone and I don’t want to look hideous as a heavily perspiring bride.

My checklist can be updated now, I have got my official photographer !
He happens to be my junior when I was in Hillcrest and also my neighbour who lives just couple of blocks away from me.
I have been searching high and low, OK maybe just online, for a good photographer with affordable packages. I knew that he took good photos, so when he came up to me with an offer that was just so hard to resist (a super duper fantastic offer, to be exact !), it did not take long for me to say, “You’re hired !”. Hee.
Booked him (and his assistant photographer) for all three ceremonies. InsyaAllah. 🙂
You can check him out here or here.

Melissa R.

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