I hope someday you would realize the amount of hurt that YOU have caused me.

I hope someday you realize that every time I tried to get in touch with you, it was FOR YOU, to know how YOU were and if there was anything wrong with YOU.

I hope you realize that over the years I have been dismissing my husband/family/friends/ex-boyfriend’s advice to keep you out of my life because I was willing to give YOU the benefit of the doubt.
My Daddy even still remembers the day you stood me up for your other friends when you promised me we would look for a place to stay together. I’m sure YOU can’t even recall that incident, because I seemed to have forgotten it too.

I hope you realize that my husband won’t even want to talk to me if I mention YOUR name. Yes, that’s how much he hates YOU for doing this to me. 

I hope you realize that I am starting to regret the day we bumped into each other after I tried to severe ties with you even though I know it was written that I had to be there for you through your nasty break up.

I hope you realize that you do not need to stoop so low and pass remarks about how beautiful your friendships with other people are despite them having little or no communication, just to make your sorry little self feel better.

“Don’t let these bangang people bring you down.” (Felicia Simone, 2010)
So I am not letting YOU bring me down.

Thanks Felicia, thank you Akey, thank you Lene, thank you Annisa, thank you Diana and thank you Mr Sunshine for all your words of comfort and advice.


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8 Comments on you.

  1. hi you!
    i hope 2 dat someday u would also realize d amount of hurt dat U hv caused me!
    u can do wateve u like..ure always d perfect 1 rite??n 4 ur info, al tiz while ure always talking bout ur feelin rite?? YEAH RITE!! go ahead!~~~
    i wont regret anything n do nothing..
    n im also wil not let all these bangang things bring me down! good luck 2 u! tq

  2. You: Am I always the perfect one ? Why thank you. Good luck to you too, and good for you for FINALLY having a voice.

    Feli: Hehe yes ! (And the bangang has spoken above.)

  3. Dun simply blame others..think b4 u throw words to them. d person u called BANGANG had help u a lot in ur life n u stil dun realized? so what we should called u huh?? MORON?

  4. Yeah, I never once said or denied the fact that the person above has helped me a lot. But that person should know that I have also been there for her quite a lot too. But this was never about who’s been there for who or not, so get your facts right.
    You can call me whatever you want, because I simply do not care. Whatever lah.
    Please stop polluting my blog with bad English and silly comments.

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