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I know this is like the umpteenth time I have changed my blog URL and I really apologize for any trouble caused. *blushes*

This was just something I had to do.

The holidays have officially started for me today.
After three weeks of sucky exams and two days of presentations, I’m free !
For a month that is.

There has been a lot going on in my boring-yet-full-of-drama life even though I haven’t been updating much.

What better way to start a new blog than with pictures !
Load and loads of them !

Okay, here goes.
So for the past three weeks, I had this.

Frosted Chocolate Malt

And this.

Chicken Baked Rice

And this.

Cookie Summit

And a few mouthfuls of this.

Mac and Cheese

With this guy.

At Swensen’s.
On different days, mind you.
Gosh, sedap gila okay !
I believe we’ll be going there often after this.
Because I said so. Okay ?

The whole family was at Aunt Maziey’s place on the night of November 3rd. Faiz was back for awhile.
It was the first time I’ve ever tasted Nasi Bukhara.
The spaghetti was delicious ! It had some kind of beans in it if I remember correctly. Not that any of you cared right.

Anis, Alice and I.

With cousins, Lynn, Faizal and Qistina.

Marc and I.

Faiz and I.

One of my schoolmates, Melina Su got married on that same weekend.
I was ecstatic that I got to meet Yus who was the bridesmaid that day.
It’s been ages that we last saw each other.

The newlyweds.

Akey, Yus and I.

Some of my ex schoolmates.

The one and only, Akey.

With Halim.


On Deepavali, my classmate, Chona had her open house.

Nanab, Zana and I almost went into the wrong house as two doors away from Chona’s had tents all put up. The three of us were actually already standing in front of that house looking inside trying to look for any of our classmates. Malu okay.

From left: Yamin, Zana, Nanab, Chona and me.

Ina, my roomie with her boyfriend.

Lene and I spent Deepavali night at Barath’s.
We had yummy mutton curry. I had two, erm maybe three servings of it.
Cheryl and I couldn’t stop munching on the murukku and nuts.
No pictures though. Sad.

Last Saturday was the last day of Syawal and I was at Akey’s place having pizza, satay and Nasi Daging. Nyum.
We talked until it was almost 3am and I had to rush home as Daddy woke up hypoglycemic.

The sister and I have also managed to watch 1408, Stardust (and OMG Charlie Cox is delicious !) and 30 Days of Nights.

My research presentation last Monday went well, Alhamdulillah.
It was funny though when I confidently fed my lecturers bullshit crap while answering one particular question that I didn’t know the answer to.
I think they believed me. Heee.
My project site presentation yesterday was okay too, despite the fact that we were bombarded with comments and questions by the HTAR pharmacists.
I was the only one answering and I almost snapped at them. Almost.
All in all everything went fine.
I’m just glad everything’s over.

I put too much belacan in the kangkung belacan I cooked just now.
Lene and Marc just have to shove it down their throat I guess.

I’m gonna continue YouTubing.
Or probably sleep the rest of the day off.
Eh, I can’t. I’m supposed to exercise later.

Happy holidays !


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