I do not like not knowing where Mr Sunshine is.
Pardon me, I do not mean to sound like a naggy wife, but he travels A LOT either on his own or with some of his other colleagues, and I get worried for his safety on the road.
And yes, sometimes the worrying almost crosses the border to being paranoid. Almost.

I do not expect hourly reports, but a simple text message to let me know when he has reached somewhere or is leaving to another place would suffice.
It’s a good thing, the both of us have been used to letting each other know about our whereabouts, even before we got married. It’s not something any of us forced unto each other, I guess it was just came naturally to us.
I am not sure whether this is the norm with other couples out there(?).

A short “Saya dah sampai.” or “Saya baru bertolak ke (insert name of place).” are common exchanges between us.
Well of course through the short messaging service those messages are actually shorter. Hehe.

I depend so much on the security of always being able to get in touch with him and his whereabouts so you can only imagine how distressed I would be if he happens to go some place where there is no Maxis coverage.
Or when his phone runs out of battery.
The last text message from him was at 1800 hours, letting me know that he had just left Mesra Mall, Kerteh after his routine inspections at premises in Kemaman were over. Before that he did call to let me know his battery was running low and asked me what flavor of Big Apple donuts that I wanted. Love you.
Based on experience, he should have arrived back home like, hm, now. 🙁

I just want him home safe. 🙁


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3 Comments on worry is wasteful.

  1. owh kak mel..sometimes im like that too..even im not married yet.hoho.and i tot i was abnormal..this made me assure myself that im normal.thanks kak mel.hehe

  2. hehehe. i don’t have a husband. but i do feel u dear.

    susah ke nak update? hahahaha. we’re not nagging. we love you every single day. we can do whatever we wanna do. just make some effort.

  3. Aizamin: Hehe, you’re definitely not abnormal lah. ;p

    Switakon: Hehe true ! I’m fortunate Mr Sunshine memang always update me on his whereabouts. 😉

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