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Marc’s back in Shah Alam as he’s no longer on medical leave.
But poor him, I just received a message from him saying that he’s still in pain.

Today an unusual number of people came to the pharmacy to buy pregnancy tests.

I am feeling somewhat normal.
Not too happy not too sad.
I guess that’s okay, right ?
I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe and to not be too hard on myself.
Which is pretty hard to do when you’re working with the kind people I am working with.

It’s already So far, there’s still no news about my hospital posting and the anticipation is no good for me.

I miss my Akey.
I miss having yummy home cooked meals at her place and staying up and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

I secretly wished I could write like the sister.

Has anyone ever tried TruDtox ?
This has nothing to do with me wanting to lose the extra pounds, okay.
But I just feel like giving it a try for its ‘body cleansing’ claims.
I checked it out at Watson’s the other day and it costs RM29.50 for a box of five sachets.

I think I have just realized the importance of getting enough sleep.

Oh, I HATE the toilet at my workplace.
It has FAT worms crawling all around. Yucks.

It just occurred to me that it has already been more than a year since The nasty Break Up.
I think I’m doing okay.
What do you think ?
To think that 12 months ago, I thought I wasn’t gonna be alive around this time.
His mum and sister still calls me once in awhile, though.
And he has sent me a couple of messages too.

Hmm, I wonder how my hips got this huge.
I’m blaming them (my hips) for my bad knees.

Daddy has been so engrossed in watching this Chinese TV series on NTV7 for the past few days.
He’s cute.

Okay lah people, I’m gonna check on Daddy and Lene.
Bubbye !


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