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It was a very touching occasion when one of my best friends got engaged last Saturday.
I shed happy happy tears !
It’s good to finally see her with someone who deserves her.

My gorgeous babe.

With Mel. She’s pregnant already !


Heart you both.

Congratulations, Yus darling !
Let’s pray this one lasts. Aamin.

On that same night, a schoolmate of mine, Fattima had her wedding, which was a really nice affair. Congratulations Tim ! Here a few snapshots from that night.

So yeah, when’s my turn ?

It’s funny how these things are.
You can be planning your life with one person for years, and end up spending the rest of your life with another.


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2 Comments on when’s my turn ?

  1. im afraid if that things happen to me…urghh..hopefully x la kan..and honey bunch, i do hate myself juga la..tapi, i buat bodo je..what to do kan..just live ur life to the F.U.L.L.E.S.T lorhh…huhu..
    BIG HUGZ FOR YOU..and yeah..I LOVE YOU !
    ps: i still have a lot of b&w films kat dlm camera..jom i take ur pix nak?

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