I can’t believe that in less than a week’s time I’ll be saying goodbye to Kuala Berang  ! I am definitely looking forward to being back in my hometown, but I’ve gotta admit there are a few things about being in Terengganu that I am gonna miss.

  1. The beach – I love the fact that we’re just minutes away from the beach. It just takes a drive by the beach to calm my senses. 
  2. Keropok lekor – Trust me, once you’ve tasted the original keropok lekor from Terengganu, you wouldn’t want to even smell the ones back in KL.
  3. Laksam Terengganu – Ahhh, I absolutely love this dish ! I know I am gonna crave this when I get back.
  4. No traffic jam – I guess this goes without saying. 
  5. Short distance from workplace – My current workplace is only a 5-minute walk away from where I stay, which is awesome.
  6. Colleagues and friends – I am gonna miss the people I’ve gotten to know over here; too many to mention here but there’s no doubt that I’ll be thinking about every single one of you beautiful souls. Sobs.

I’ve spent two years of my life here and I’ve learned so much. Before I came here, I’ve never even knew the existence of the Hulu Terengganu district !
I shall forever treasure all the memories, the good ones and the bad not so good ones. Thank you Allah for the opportunity to learn to be independent (without relatives nearby) and also for all the good & bad experiences I have been blessed with throughout these 2 years.
To all my friends, colleagues and acquaintances from Terengganu, thank you so much for everything !

Here’s to new beginnings. InshaAllah.


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  1. InsyaAllah dear~ Semoga penghijrahan kali ni membawa seribu kebaikan and keberkatan for you and your family~ 🙂 Good luck at your new place 🙂

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