Ok so I have yet to decide on how I want my sanding dress to look like.
All the dresses I am checking out just look so lovely, but I do not know how they would look if they were in red because they’re mostly in white/off-white.
What I do know is that I want something modest, simple, yet elegant. Is that even possible ?
I want something that will accentuate my relatively normal-sized waist and hide my larger than life hips. Heee.

I love mermaid silhouette dresses !

Modern kebaya top and gown like bottom, cantik kan ?

I am not sure whether I can pull off such a dress.

By Rizalman Ibrahim. This is absolutely gorgeous. Simple, but gorgeous !

Ahh, RED. 🙂

I gave a shot at designing my own wedding dress at Wedding Dress Creator.

Classic A Line silhouette. 🙂

Maybe going strapless would not be such a good idea. I need all the support I can get on that night. :p

I want my hair made up like that. *dreams*

Oooohh, pening kepala.

For Mr Sunshine, he has four options of designs to choose from. I can’t remember all of them but we both have agreed that he’s gonna wear the traditional baju melayu. 🙂
There’s just something about men in baju melayu which turns me on.
Seriously, I think baju melayu makes a guy look soo sexy.

Four months to go !

Melissa R.

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