I’m back ! Alhamdulillah.
Well, I’ve been back for two days already.
I’m still in one piece ! Or in two three pieces extra, since they fed us SIX times a day everyday.
The whole induction course was quite a relaxed one. We did not have to wake up at wee hours of the morning or go through torturous physical and mental exercises. In fact, we had zero exercise. Haha.
I would say the course was a test of how good we were at refraining ourselves from falling asleep during the non stop talks and lectures. I succeeded pretty well though there were times I had to shove my mouth with mint every 5 minutes and slap myself to keep me awake.
It reminded me a lot of how it was in class during degree. Hehe. Furthermore, I was sitting next to the same person who sat next to me for four years, Zana !

I learnt quite a bit from those four days, about ethics, financial management, circulars and budaya korporat. There was this one talk that I found really inspiring where the speaker reminded us on and on about our purpose in work and life.
He reminded us about how important it is to be sincere and do things for the sake of Allah. Then, InshaAllah, He will pull you through everything and anything.
It’s all in the niat, people. 🙂

It was such a blessing that I had hubby bubbly as my roomie. 😀
We heard that married couples were not encouraged to stay in the same room throughout the course, but during check-in at Felda Residence, Trolak, the receptionist was kind enough to let us have a room to ourselves. 🙂
The room was not too bad. We did not enjoy the food though.

I was super happy to get to meet old friends from high school, UiTM and my previous workplace. 😀



Made new pharmacists and dentists friends as well. 😀
There were no doctors this time around.

Mr Sunshine and I will be driving back to Batu Pahat this evening, we’re having our reception for his side this Sunday. 🙂
Jadi pengantin baru lagi. Hee. :p
Hoping to see you all there ! 🙂

Gotta go get ready for work now, bye !


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