I dislike the feeling I have when I wake up after having a weird dream, especially when it involves people who are no longer in my life (either dead or alive).

Last night was weird.

My lappie has developed a habit of turning itself off without warning, and now I can’t seem to use my wireless connection function. I’m back to using the good old cable to go online.
My lappie has gone weird on me.

Word of the day: Weird.

Marc is done wit his Management Trainee stint at Sime Darby. But so far there is no news of him or the others being absorbed, so we’ll just have to pray, wait and see. I really hope he gets it. InshaAllah.

I am quite pleased with myself for actually following through with my vow to start making up my fasts as early as I can. So far I have managed to make up for 11 days which leaves me with another 5 more.
If all goes well, after today, I’d be left with 4 days !

I’m having this weird pain at my body’s right lower quadrant. Hmm.

I am totally aware that this is a weird and boring post.


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3 Comments on weird

  1. My LT used to do that too, turns out it was overheating and turned itself of when it got too hot. Touch the body of the LT when you’re using it and check? Mebbe all it needs is someone to take a look at the fan.

    Btw, say the word weird long enough and it starts to lose all meaning.

  2. Nanie: I think he had to go through training in different divisions throughout the 6 months, but I’ll try to ask him k. Thanks !

    Felicia: Oh, I will try to do so. You’re probably right though because I usually have my lappie on with with the battery charging at the same time. Hmm.
    And yeah, I deliberately misused that word.

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