I have just entered my 38th week of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah…

…and I think I just lost my mucus plug.

Menstrual-like cramps accompanied my sleep last night, and when I woke up to prepare sahur at about 0440 hours, I noticed blood-tinged mucus on my pantyliner. TMI, sorry, haha.
I panicked for a bit and woke Mr. Sunshine up, but then continued to prepare our sahur.
We had sardine sandwiches.

I panicked when I realized that I hadn’t washed the baby’s bedsheet, pillow & bolster cases, so I immediately put them to wash after sahur.
I changed my pantyliner for Subuh prayers and after that, told Mr. Sunshine to get some sleep, just in case I had to go into labour soon.

As for me, I wasn’t experiencing any pain, just slight menstrual-like discomfort, but I was sweating out of nervousness, and I couldn’t go back to sleep ! I texted Lene to let her know what’s going on.

Then at around 0640 hours, I remember that I haven’t charged my camera’s battery. How to take photos of my baby ?? Haha. So of course, I put my camera battery to charge.

At 0730 hours, I went to the hospital, punched in for work and went straight to the maternity ward. The nurse did a vaginal exam (VE) on me, and told me I wasn’t dilated yet. “Baru buka sebesar tip of the finger.” was what she said. So I chose to go home first, and was given the day off by my boss. Mr. Sunshine is here with me, he took an emergency leave.

By the way, the VE was an unpleasant experience. Hehe.

So here I am, at home. I’ve told Daddy, mum in-law, and my best friends and they’re all praying for me. 🙂

Feeling pretty sleepy right now. I’ve noticed painless irregular contractions, but they could be Braxton Hicks. So I’m just gonna wait until my waterbag ruptures or when I get more frequent (and painful) contractions.
I could be like a fellow blogger, Dina, who had her bloody show last Saturday, yet still no sign of labour progressing until now.

I’m just praying, and waiting.
Pray for me ya ! 🙂

Ramadhan blessing: Celebrating 13 years of beautiful friendship with my best friend, Akhir. MashaAllah.


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9 Comments on week 38 update.

  1. Take care. Go with your instincts. I did and went to the hospital although my mum said to wait for the bloody thing to show. Tada baby arrives on due date.

    The nurse told me that some doctors who are expert can do ve without rasa sakit. By my 9th ve i decided that i should relax and loosen up the muscles.

  2. Hi Mel! alhamdulillah, finally u had ur bloody show. nerve wrecking kan d waiting? u know, my friend, she had a bloody show last sunday, right after i told her i got mine, then 2 days later, she gave birth hehe… n im glad u went to d hospital to check. hmmm… i guess every pregnant woman wud have different labour experience kan? like my sis in law who’s like 3 weeks away from her due date, no signs, no bloody show, no braxton hicks whatsoever, she went for her weekly checkup this morning, suddenly she’s in the labour room now sbb doctor check dah 5 cm dilated… let’s hope n pray our time will come soon… sbb honestly dina pun x sabar nak give birth Mel!!! hehehehe.. keep us all updated ya!

  3. ouh goshhh!
    im happy for you, darling!!!
    all the best. be strong n semoga semua dipermudahkan!!
    *dunno for how many times i said it again n again* heh
    keep updating yahh! =)

  4. yeah, everyone has diff experience.. kalau ikut i, cmtu gak..ada bloody show.. p hospital, dia wat VE, sikit pun x dilated, tp terus dia tahan wad gak… cm org gila rsnya tunggu nk branak, xbranak2..hahah.. org len masuk2 dh brnk siap dh kuar pn..huhu.. 2 days after being warded baru i brnk..hehe.. insy Allah everythg will b ok.. my advice, baca doa byk2, and bkn just u kna mntak maaf dgn smua org tp u pn kna maafkan SEMUA org dlm dunia ni yg pnh wat slh ngn u…insy Allah senang..

    slamat jumpa ur baby!.. 😉

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