Woah, time sure flies !

At 9 months pregnant, I am having a hard time keeping my cool. I’ve gotta admit I am more nervous than excited.

Thanks Google Images !

I have noticed that my belly has dropped slightly, which means that Mini Mel’s is slowly making her way down my pelvis.
This must be the reason I have been experiencing persistent menstrual like cramps along with lower back pains. Walking gets slightly uncomfortable at times. I have to adjust to walking at a slower pace than usual. Mr. Sunshine would be happy to hear this because he keeps asking me why I need to walk so fast everyday. Err, I am just a natural ‘fast walker’ ?

Baby squirms a lot.
Mummy pees a lot.
Haha. Ok, not funny.

I am far from having the burst of energy a.k.a ‘nesting instinct’ some expectant mums are said to acquire around this time. Instead I feel like I am getting lazier as the days go by. If only I could laze around at home these days. But I know that’s just unhealthy and I need to keep moving especially during this last month of pregnancy, and that’s what I plan to (try to) do. InshaAllah. 🙂

Thanks Google Images !

Alhamdulillah so far, my feet and legs are appearing slightly larger than usual but they’re not edematous and there are no signs of stretch marks on my belly. YET.
It’s either I’m blessed with really thick skin or the fact that I have been religiously applying olive oil on my belly since I found out I was preggers is working.
But then again, I might be speaking too soon.

I don’t think we’re allowed to have jeweleries on us in the labour room, so instead of waiting until the last minute and risk misplacing them, I have just removed both my engagement and wedding rings. Well, my fingers have also puffed up a bit so it’s better that I removed them now rather than having trouble removing them later on.
I just hope they’d still fit me after the delivery. Hehe.

I have more or less one month to go ! InshaAllah.

“There is no deity except You; exalted are You. Indeed, I have been of the wrongdoers.” (Al-Anbya’ 21:87)


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14 Comments on week 36 update.

  1. omg, the time is really soon!
    all the best dear.
    im a fast walker too. now? hubs kadang2 terlupa yang dia dah meninggalkan mak beruang dia kat belakang. sabar jelah.. =)

  2. Red Clutch: Ameen, ameen. Thanks so much ! Thanks for the doa too. 🙂

    Amelyn: OMG tell me abt it ! *gigit jari* Hehehe. I guess we pregnant ladies are meant to walk dengan lenggang lenggok yang sopan santun lah. Hehe.

  3. know what, i LOVE that you’re chronicling all of this. it’s such interesting insight and every time i come round here to read, i get so excited for you(!!) you’re an inspiration. i once went through your entire wedding blog and read about all the preparations and thoughts/emotions you had to endure. and now this milestone… it’s amazing. you’re my inspiration to never stop writing (: (:

    can’t wait to meet Mini Mel. i’m sure she’ll be just as beautiful as mommy.

  4. Hi Melissa… ur soo lucky u dun have stretch marks! Im already 38 weeks and I’ve been atacked by stretch marks since i was 6mnths pregnant or so… it’s bad! sapu la cocoa butter ke, olive oil ke, whatever oil dats on d market.. didnt work for me =( hehe nways, i like reading ur blog! wishing a speedy n healthy delivery for u! good luck!!!

    p/s: im nervous too!!! doctor said i might be popping out my baby next week! hehe

  5. Sugarmouse: Hehe I am enjoying (syok sendiri maybe,hehe) the fact that I am able to document my pregnancy experiences, so that my kid(s) and myself will be able to read them ! My posts are nothing compared to what you write, so thanks so much for dropping by here ever so often ! 🙂

    Dinashuz: Hi Dina ! Aww, it’s ok I still have a couple more weeks to go so they might make an appearance too. Hope not though !
    I heard that they’ll go away in time, so don’t you worry. 🙂
    Thanks so much, I wish you all the best too !!
    I’m off to go take a peek at your blog now. 🙂

  6. Melissa~ InsyaAllah semoga dipermudahkan semuanya dear!~ <3 and selamat menyambut ramadhan al mubarak too!~~ *hugs*

  7. Hi hi hi Melissa.. thanks for checking out my blog *blush* malu2… im new in blogging hehe… pardon the lack of updates/info. hehe

    nways, u havent had any contractions yet? uhmm, as for me dear, it does feel a lil bit like period pain/abdominal pain, coupled with back pain, n ada feeling2 mcm nak kena food poisoning pun iya. but my doctor said real labour wud often start as a lower back pain, n d pain will wrap over to d front, something like dat… hehe.. hope it helps! but then, maybe ur one of those lucky ones who doesnt have to deal with braxton hicks… terus rasa labour contraction trus! much better… nways, do keep us all updated.. we’re both having Ramadhan babies!!! slmt berpuasa dear!

  8. Dinashuz: If it feels like menstrual cramps+back pain, I have been getting them every now & then. Hehe. Thanks so much Dina, selamat berpuasa to you too, and all the best !! :))

    Yamin: Thank you dear. I miss you ! 🙁

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