I had to go for another checkup yesterday because of my abnormal weight gain last month. They reviewed my blood pressure levels I took every other day which were normal, Alhamdulillah, and weighed me again.
I was very nervous because I just spent the last weekend stuffing myself with food at Mr Sunshine’s hometown.
But Alhamdulillah, I only gained 1 kilogram over the past two weeks. Hehe. I’m allowed to gain 0.5 kilos per week ok.

There were trace amounts of albumin (protein) in my urine, and I was told to increase my fluid intake. I did cut down my water intake that day as I was traveling back from Batu Pahat and did not want to stop to pee every five minutes. :p
Other expectant mothers, please do not follow in my footsteps, it’s very important to stay well hydrated while traveling !
If only the nurse knew how much water I drink on a daily basis, I bring a 1.6 L water bottle to work and I finish the whole bottle every day !

So far no stretch marks have appeared (YET) anywhere on my belly. And my belly button is still an innie. It’s not gonna stay that way for too long I think.

I have been getting numerous questions on the gender of Mini Mel. Hehe. Sorry to let you all down but even Mr. Sunshine and I are still playing the guessing game ourselves.
I have also been receiving guesses on the gender based on how my belly and waist looks like. Apparently my belly is looking like I am carrying a girl, but the fact that I still have a tapered waist indicates that I am carrying a boy.
Ah, let’s not forget that because I easily perspire a lot, I might be carrying a boy. Hehe. Macam-macam kan ? It’s fun though, to listen to all the different opinions.

Mr Sunshine and I have not started buying any baby stuff. Not a single thing.
From what I know, my hospital bag should be ready as I enter my third trimester just in case Mini Mel decides to make an early appearance. My third trimester is only 2 weeks away !
Do any of you have any tips on shopping for baby stuff ? I have heard that (do correct me if I am wrong):

  • I should not get too many newborn-sized clothing because babies grow fast.
  • Purchasing things like a stroller or a car seat can be done after delivery.
  • It’s worth it to invest in a good breast pump if you plan to breastfeed exclusively.

That is all. I’m lucky (and thankful !) Diana shared her baby stuff checklist with me, so I basically copied hers with very minimal editing, being the lazy person that I am. Hehe.

I guess I need to do some serious researching on baby stuff prices !
Ok bye.


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5 Comments on week 26 update.

  1. yezza… carseat can be done after delivery, stroller when Mini Mel entering 6 month pun ok… i found out that baby carrier is useful… newborn size… hmm i think klu musim2 hujan better beli lebih, takut x sempat kering…mine masa berpantang dulu ada 14 sets semua, lucky my baby pki newborn almost 4 month gak…

    breast pump…actually dual pump is advisable…but, working mum like me i prefer yg practical..i use medela swing and loving it, but if i have extra money i prefer medela freestyle… ameda dual pump also advisable but for me besar sket la nk bawa kesana – sini… tapi harganya murah, mcm swing gak…

  2. new born sized clothing does not fit my baby. he was 3.6kg with 57cm height when he’s born. at 1 week plus, he’s 4.3kg 🙂

    tapi bole la jugak if nak beli..but not too much. nanti dapat presents jugak (^__^)

  3. Ana: Baby carrier yang strap kat body tu eh ? Thanks so much for the advice, I’m still reviewing breastpumps. So far memang plan nak beli Medela Swing or if cukup duit Freestyle. Hee.

    Mrs. Faris: Firstly, CONGRATS on your newborn !! Sihatnya your baby, I think my baby macam besar juga kot, hehe. Thanks so much dear !

  4. 1. baju newborn jgn bnyk sgt. ull be surprise bnyk mane baby gift yg u dpt nnt, and mostly baju newborn. haha. and like u said, skejap je tahan baju tu before they outgrow.

    2. car seat can buy much later. kalo nak beli pun cari yg bole recline becoz baby awal2 takle duduk tegak lagi. stroller beli after 1 month pun boleh dah, cari yg baby bole baring and duduk up right.. come in handy bile baby dah suke suruh dukung bawak jalan2 kat luar je hari2.. lenguh tangan tau, so ada stroller mmg lega sikit la.

    3. yes plz invest in breast pump. bagi baby breast milk, bnyk sgt2 advantage. and they deserve to have ur milk. gave qiqi medela double electric pump (pump in style) and mmg sgt berguna. skejap je pump dah cukup nak kosongkan 2-2 belah, and practical masa kerja nnt. kalo manual mmg teruk lah.

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