Currently feeling: Sleepy
Currently listening to: Nothing

I have about an hour left before I get to leave the Emergency Department.
My tummy’s grumbling for no valid reason. I had rice for lunch yesterday and a bar of snickers and Bliss for dinner.
What more does it want ?
What it needs is exercise, that’s for sure.

Time really flies doesn’t it ? We’re almost at the end of March and i’m almost done with my Clinical unit.Still, there’s a whole lot more for me to do. I have not clerked enough cases.I have not even completed the ones I started clerking. I am so dead.I’d be in Ward Supply (In Patient Department) again starting 6 April.

I miss home !

There’s this wedding exhibition I am planning to go to this weekend.

I can’t wait to get back and sleep.
My eyes are burning.

This post has really been a waste of read, hasn’t it ?


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