This shot was actually from a few weeks ago. I ordered my favourite Pepperoni Delight pizza from the Pizza Hut outlet at Giant, Kuala Terengganu and I was extremely dissatisfied with the amount of pepperoni pieces that were on it.
Look at the slice on the furthest right, there’s only ONE piece of pepperoni ! So stingy, kan ?
They might as well change the name to Pizza Dough Delight pizza.


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6 Comments on we need more pepperonis.

  1. Ezlinda: Hehe, stok kurang kena tambah lah. Kita kan paying customers. 🙂

    Safuan: Hahaha good one !

    Aida: Isk, kat Ganu ni tak ada Domino’s. If blk KL memang beli Domino’s je. 🙂

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