Currently feeling: SICK !
Currently listening to: Nothing.

I am still sick.
I am starting to think that I have gained immunity to the effects of antihistamines. I don’t think that’s possible but like seriously lah, what the hell is wrong with me ?
I am tired of staying in bed, coughing and sneezing my nose off.
Tired of this headache.

To add to all that, today my bowel system just decided that it would be fun to purge its contents (in a watery form) out of my body.
I dare not eat anything to avoid running to the toilet.

I am stressed.
And as a result, my eczema is flaring up. *scratches left leg*
Erggggghhhhhhh !

I have been to FOUR different doctors.
I have been compliant !

What else do I have to do ?

I miss Mummy.

*insert kepala serabut emoticon*


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2 Comments on urti ? age ? rhinitis ? sinusitis ?

  1. kak mel…i had avery bad allergy sinus etcetctec …scratch sana sini after i took fish oil 1000mg everday,alhamdullilah no more sneezing in the morning and i rarely getany allergy attack! why dont you try it!insya allah

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