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Good morning.
I’m home at last, Alhamdulillah.
And tomorrow is THE day, InshaAllah.

Daddy, Marc and I left KLIA at about half past five yesterday to head to Kajang to get the bantal nikah.
I was a bit disappointed in the state of it, there were a few stains here and there. But since there’s barely any time left to do anything about it, I have no choice but to just use it. 🙁

Then we headed to Jusco for dinner and to get the chocolates and fruits for my hantaran and eggs for the bunga pahar. I know it will probably be cheaper if I got eggs from the market down here but it’s okay.
By the time we got back it was already almost 11 pm and as soon as I stepped in the house, I felt so depressed.
Suddenly I felt as if there’s so much more things to do and I will not be capable of handling them. *nangis*
I tried on the baju kurung for nikah with the hijab and hated how the whole outfit looked like on me. *nangis*
I even had the feeling that I don’t like my red wedding dress anymore !
Negative thoughts started to run through my head.
It was as if EVERYTHING was WRONG !
My nose was irritating and my throat was not helping either.
Mr Sunshine was busy and I felt alone. And depressed.
I texted the sister and whined about the house and my outfits.
She assured me over and over again, that it was just the nerves getting to me and that I should get some rest.
And so I did just that.
I woke up today not feeling so bad. Hehe. (Also because when I got downstairs, the stove was cleaned and there were no more plastic bags all over, thanks to the brother)
So probably I was just an exhausted and sick bride to be last night. *blushes*
There are still remnants of negativity in me but I need to pull myself together and remind myself of what’s important.
The akad nikah and the life after marriage that Mr Sunshine and I are gonna build together.
So it does not really matter if I look ugly and fat in both my nikah and reception outfits.
And I will have time to finish whatever’s still undone. InshaAllah. 🙂

First thing to do this morning is cut my nails.
After that, go get my wedding dress. The dress was a bit loose in the hip area. Woot !
Then, replace the curtains and cushion covers.
Then, sweep and mop the house.
Then, prepare cash for the vendors tomorrow.
Then, print the signage and pass them to the brother.
Then, think of where and how I’m gonna get my hand bouquets. Arrgh. The person at the boutique where I am renting my reception dress included one hand bouquet for me. Alhamdulillah. 🙂 Hand bouquet for nikah left !
Then, wait for Sal to come over and check on the hantaran.
Then, paste thank you stickers on the muffins which are scheduled to arrive tonight.
Then, boil the eggs and put them in their nets. and arrange them on the pahar. Sal’s parents offered to do this ! May Allah bless them. I’m so touched I want to cry.
Then, put inai on my fingers and toes. (I hope they turn out ok)
And finally after all that, get my beauty sleep.

Melissa R.

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  1. pelan2 buat..pnt,rest kjp mnum air pas2 smbung blik..ksihatan pn nk jaga.dah list apa nk buat kn..insy suma bjln ngn lancar. kita buat apa kita mmpu n last skali jgn lupa doa kt Allah smoga semuanya dipermudahkan.ameen.luv u baby.

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