It’s so unbelievable that you are so oblivious to the fact that almost everyone talks shit bad about you.
You are so special to them that they even came up with a moniker for you.
It’s incomprehensible how you can go on doing what you do when everyone around you are slogging their arses off.

I am slowly starting to despise you.
I hope I do not turn into a hypocrite.


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2 Comments on twists and (re)turns.

  1. Hmmm..some people are born assholes.
    A “friend” of mine always comes up with excuses when it’s time for her to do her share of work. Then she has the cheek to say she’s penat or whatever la..padahal keje satu hapak pun tak usik.
    I just hope she doesn’t grow up and piss the fuck out of her workmates as well.

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