You’re a doctor. You’re responsible for every prescription you write, every drug you prescribe and every patient under your care. But you choose to be ignorant, and when asked whether is there a reason why a particular drug was prescribed not according to standard guidelines (you do realize it’s my job to intervene to make sure a patient receives appropriate treatment, do you ?), you lash out angrily and tell people to fix the situation out themselves ! This is the third time you’ve ever done such a thing, and your rude attitude is nauseating. All the other doctors and even the specialists I have been dealing with all this while have been very well mannered. I wonder what use were all those years of studying and two years (yes, you’re just an MO, I believe you need a reality check) of working you went through.

P.S: This is referring to one particular medical officer, not the whole community, thanks.


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3 Comments on to doctor (insert name here).

  1. whoa!!! who? hm… i think i know who u’re referring to. matun ade citer u ade bengang dgn sorang doktor kat tempat kije kite.. ee… sabao je la ye… dia x belajar lagi selok-belok komuniti kite macam mana.. the rest of the doctors sebelum2 ni okey je kan… dia kena belajar la dgn senior2 dia camne nak deal dgn staf lain, buat camtu tak lama tu… dgr dek pengarah, kena la ‘basuh’ nanti.. sabar je la… 🙂

  2. Yeah I think you know who I’m talking about. I cannot believe her lah. She actually said, “Saya tak tahu lah, tak tahu ! Check lah dengan ubat patient !”.
    OMG. If macam tu baik dia tak payah prescribe if she’s just prescribing for the sake of writing on a piece of prescription then tak nak ambil kisah.
    She says things like, “Tukar je lah apa2 yang betul !” as if she does not want to know what’s right or wrong. Ridiculous lah !
    And this is a doctor ! A person responsible for another sick person’s life or death.
    I am seriously so geram. Tak pernah ada problem with all the other doctors kan. Stupid lah.

    Phew. Haha emo gila.

  3. heh.. i think doktor tu kut lagi teruk emo…teruk la camtu, kesian patient.. tp, memang i ade je jumpe preskripsi dia yg slh frekuensi la apa la, setakat ni ubat yg simple2 cam antibiotik tu i tukar sendiri je, malas dah nak layan.. cume takut ubat yg komplikated nanti kang, payah… heish, n people say we like to find mistakes in other people.. dah kalau memang salah macam tu, admit je la salah, kan… ni macam xde compassion langsung.. heiya… 🙁

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