It’s 11:30 a.m and I have:

  • Walked indoor for an hour
  • Washed my hair
  • Applied henna on my hair (Khayla wanted to do so too, so we did it together 😍)
  • Hung all my dresses & jubahs which were in a basket for almost 2 weeks now
  • Ironed all Mr Sunshine’s work clothes for the week, and Khayla’s uniform for today’s graduation ceremony.
  • Cleared up the mess in the living room, and on dining table
  • Washed all the dishes including the kuali & rice cooker from 2 days ago (euw, I know. Mr Sunshine usually does it if I do not, but it’s been a hectic week for him too)
  • Got the diffusers running downstairs and smiled while doing it (they haven’t been on for ages!)
  • Tapped for 13 minutes

These might seem like nothing to most of you, but for me, this is an achievement!

Especially after such a mentally & emotionally challenging (and exhausting!) week. Up until last night, things were just so heavy that I wondered whether I will ever be OK.

This has been a hectic weekend with Khaleel’s Novice Swim Meet & Khayla’s graduation, Mr Sunshine’s run and me working. But Alhamdulillah everything is looking good so far.

And Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah for this ‘morning of achievement’. Thank you Allah. 🥲

Oh, it just started raining very heavily.
I guess I’ll stop here for now.
Gotta go get ready for Khayla’s graduation ceremony – can’t believe she is finishing primary school already! Where did 12 years go? 🥲



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