Let’s talk colours.
I LOVE the colour red.
I am hoping to wear red for my reception. Initially I had red, peach and cream in my mind but currently there are several other choices lingering in my head.
Like red and brown. And yellow.

Plum and red.

Aqua and red.

Or my current favourite, red and grey ! With soft pastel shades of pink, maybe ? Either that, or with white.

Sigh. All of them look so pretty ! Suggestions, anyone ?
It’s not gonna be easy to find a red dress that I would fall in love with !

I don’t want any other people who will be present on that day to be in red.
I deserve to be selfish for a day, aren’t I ? Hehe.

Next, concept of the day.
I love English themed weddings !
But, I am looking forward to have a simple modern Malay traditional wedding. InsyaAllah. Aamin.

Melissa R.

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6 Comments on the theme.

  1. red+grey/silver+white macam last picture tuh nampak exclusive jer..hihi.

    mesti nampak grand and meriah if ade merah2..=)

  2. Yes, no reds. You are the bride of and deserve to be the queen of the day.


    Plus I think whatever colour u decide to dress the red up with, you will look gorgeous.

    🙂 So go crazy with it, it doesnt have to be just two colours.

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