As much as I would want to ignore them, I have valid reasons to be worried as hell.

Reason No. 1
I have done NOTHING pertaining to my research, since I had my proposal presentation more than a month ago.

Reason No. 2
All my clinical cases are HALFWAY (maybe even quarter-way, if there is such a word) clerked. And I am not even 1 percent ready to present any of them.

Reason No. 3

Reason No. 4
I have gained unnecessary flab due to more than a month of not exercising and incessant munching. BOTH MY THIGHS ARE PRACTICALLY SLAPPING EACH OTHER OK. They used to be only rubbing against each other, no slapping actions. Sigh.

Reason No. 5
After a visit to Nilai 3 with Mr Sunshine last Friday, it has dawned upon us that our wedding is going to burn a HUGE hole in our pockets.

Reason No. 6
When Lene leaves for university, Daddy would be HOME ALONE. Arrgghhhhh, how lah.

Reason No. 7
Mr Sunshine’s family is coming next month for my risik cum engagement and the house is nowhere near a presentable state. OMG, next month ?

Reason No. 8
I am losing hair. AGAIN. This time along with excessive shedding dead skin cells from my scalp. I have dandruff ! What’s wrong with me lah.

There you go.
I think I might need anti-anxiety pills.


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2 Comments on the reason(s).

  1. i used to have thighs that are slapping each other tooo.. hahaha.. so i know how it feels.. at times, bila pkai kain, leh melecet lagiii.. gila saket!!!
    what to do, i am born with huge thighs!! xkira la kurus cmna pn, peha tetap gigantic!! hahah..

  2. Ish ish u ni. U tak tengok I punya thunder thighs ni. Isk. Walaupun tak sampai melecet lagi (maybe I jalan kangkang sangat ? haha) but isk sedih tengok !

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