I can say that last weekend was fruitful.

On the first day of Ramadhan (Saturday), I managed to send my nikah cloth for tailoring, and even though it would be made into just a simple modern baju kurung, I am pretty anxious about how it will look like !
I hope it turns out as nice as how I have imagined it to be. *daydreams*

Sal and I went asking around about wedding packages at some of the boutiques that were at Jalan TAR.
Tried on some wedding dresses which got me a bit excited.
Went around again yesterday, this time we went as far as Kajang.
It’s sooo difficult to find THE red dress !
Some of them offer gorgeous pelamins, but so so dresses.
Of course I can opt for a newly tailored dress (best kan) to go along with the packages which would come with an extra charge, but that remains an option until I have really given up looking.

This is not easy.

Melissa R.

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