Our last weekend before Ramadhan was packed with activities with family and friends.

Last Sunday was Diana’s son, Harith’s 1st birthday and he had his birthday party the day before. The theme was animal/safari, so I dressed Dian Khayla up in a giraffe patterned romper. Hehe. I couldn’t find an animal print top for Mr. Sunshine and I in my closet. I thought of buying a new blouse but Mr. Sunshine was against buying something new JUST for the party (Khayla’s outfit was an exception), so we wore what we had.

Khayla in her giraffe patterned romper.

Harith was dressed up in a tiger outfit, he was sooo adorable !

The birthday boy with his dad, Hanan.

The (homemade) food were delicious and even Khayla got to enjoy a few bites of the yummy rainbow cake.
She took quite awhile to warm up to the other kids, but she eventually did crawl to where they were all playing.

Yummy rainbow cake !

Mr. Sunshine and I still haven’t decided whether we want to have a party for Khayla’s first birthday.
Our initial agreement was to buy a cake, dress Khayla up, recite a doa, sing Happy Birthday to her and snap happy pictures. You know, just for immediate family members. I would love to organize a party when she’s a bit older and has friends I can invite to play and really enjoy the party with her. InshaAllah.
I also have plans of buying one cake and packing some goodie bags for the kids at Khayla’s nursery. InshaAllah.

On Sunday, we met my sisters in-law for brunch at TGIF, The Curve. It was a treat from Mr. Sunshine. Thank you, love ! Khayla was surprisingly very friendly with her aunties, especially when they had food in front of them. This is  good progress. Hehe.

FYI, Khayla LOVES food, she’ll eat when it’s her mealtime but would still crawl up to anyone who has food in their hands. Hehe. I wonder who she got that trait from….. hahaha.

After a bit of shopping, Mr. Sunshine and I drove back home to pick up Marc and we headed to UMMC to visit baby Rauf. Rauf is my cousin, Faizal’s one month old son who was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, truncus arteriosus since birth. He will be transferred to IJN soon for an operation. From what I’ve learned, he will needing a few more surgeries throughout his life. Poor baby. :”””””(

1 month old baby Rauf.

Rauf was asleep the whole time we were there. He looked exactly like his father ! Hehe.
According to Dee (the mother), he is otherwise a very active baby boy and is feeding well (they’re feeding him through a tube to avoid the exhaustion when feeding). Alhamdulillah. May Allah give Dee and Faizal the strength to get through this, and May Allah protect little Rauf. Ameen.

Marc treated the whole family to some delicious steak that night. It was a belated treat for Lene’s 21st birthday which was in early July.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLENE !! I’m your sister so I have to be in all your pictures. Hah.

Om nom nom nom nom. Khay;a was sweating from all the eating. Haha.

Marc & Lene. 🙂

That pretty much sums up our weekend. Can’t wait for Ramadhan ! 🙂


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6 Comments on the last weekend before ramadhan

  1. xde gmbr kita kan..next time la 🙂

    akak beli baju mlm sblm tu..saja try nasib n it cost me RM13 je..hehe..but for boboy mmg susah kot cari baju animal printed..

    btw, khayla such a happy lil girl la..xde dah stranger anxiety ek? senyum n sengih je..

  2. Itulah, masa on the way balik baru teringat, tak snap pic ngn akak pun.

    Ala kak, I tried to look for a baju too actually, memang nak beli dah but hubby kata jangan membazir haha. Yup, baju Khayla tu pun kebetulan jumpa online.

    Hehe, Alhamdulillah la, dia still takut2 but dah better than before. :))

  3. Efira: Khayla’s Mummy love the cake too, wished I went back for seconds ! Hehe. Oh yes, our babies dekat2 je birthday ye ? 🙂

    Nurul Afiqah: Hehe, thanks ! Will tell Marlene you miss her hehe. 🙂

    Mel: Aiyo, I got my fair skin from late Mummy plus I have been a ‘puteri lilin’ all my life. Not fun !

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