Dear (insert name),
I honestly do not appreciate the recent text messages from you.
Haven’t I made it clear that I want you to steer away from me ?
What is it that you really really want from me ? 
Forgiveness ?
I forgive you.
Even if your incessant apologies are insincere (don’t blame me, I never regained my trust in you after all those years), you of all people know how forgiving (and some might say foolish) I am.

But that does not mean things can go back to how they used to be.
Or that we can be friends.
I made that mistake and I do not want to turn back.

I hope you know that I am not praying for anything bad to happen to you or your family but you must also understand, while I was hurt I prayed hard that you will get what you deserve.
So may you get what you deserve, be it bad or good, not from me, but from Him. InshaAllah.
You say you want to be a better man in the future ?

But please just stop whatever you’re trying to do now.
I shall remind you again, we’re not friends, never have been. 


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