I am in the process of editing my guest list.
It’s a bit unfortunate that I’ll have to cut down on my invites due to budget constraints. πŸ™
It’s tough deciding who not to invite ! πŸ™
The problem is, some people enjoy making the fact that they were uninvited such a huge issue.
But I know at the end of the day, it’s MY day not theirs.
But it’s hard not to care.
Bukan tak nak jemput. πŸ™
Saya bukan orang kaya, nak pergi honeymoon pun tiada budget. Sobs.
But that’s not that important isn’t it ?

This is so stressful.

Melissa R.

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3 Comments on the guest list.

  1. oh dear,i understand exactly how you feel.i had this dilemma too when planning for my guestlists.it was very stressful because my guest quota is very limited (due to venue and of course,budget).so i decided to invite close friends and those whom i kept in touch with.

    there are few surprising people who showed up when they know you are getting married too.very tough to decide..huhu.

    like martha stewart said,invite friends that you know that 2 years down the road, they will still be in your life.

    as for the “kenapa saya tak dijemput??” issue,sometimes these people just have to learn to get over it.huhu.

  2. Aida: Hee, will try. πŸ™‚

    Yunayuni: That’s the thing, surprisingly the people who do not really keep in touch with you are the ones who come up with those remarks. Sigh. Thanks a lot, feel a lot better now. πŸ™‚

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