The Batu Pahat reception last Sunday went well, Alhamdulillah.
I did not take part in any of the planning, I even only saw the dress I was gonna wear that morning itself.
Frankly, I would not say I loved it, (it was really unflattering to my figure !) but since my mother in law went to all the trouble to rent it for me, terima sahaja lah. :p
We had the reception at Mr Sunshine’s house. The preparations were rewang (gotong royong) style, so it was really really tiring before and after the event.
I was amazed at how sincerely helpful the neighbours were, they were at Mr Sunshine’s place almost 24 hours helping out with the cooking and cleaning.
Them along with my in laws (♥ them !) made me feel really welcomed throughout the five nights I was there. 🙂
Pictures pictures !

 See how that dress is making me look bigger than I actually am. 🙁
 The pelamin which took more than four hours to set up. It was cool to get to see them get it done.
 There was zapin ! And silat (and karaoke !) too actually. 🙂
 We were forced to dance too. :p
With the best friend. 🙂

After everything was over, we realized that we did not get a single picture with the family ! Oh sigh. 🙁
I can’t wait for my photos from my official photographer to be ready.

You can preview some here ! 🙂

I think I am ready to close this wedding blog of mine.
It was good while it lasted. Thanks for all the support, comments and advice ! 🙂
If you people still want to keep up with my drama, head on here. 🙂
Bye !

Melissa R.

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