Khayla has been asleep since 1300 hours just now.
I have managed to freshen up, express milk, have lunch, perform my Zuhur prayers and tidy up the house a little. I’ve tried going back to bed but my eyes just won’t shut.
Since I have nothing better to do, I thought I’d put up a post on my pre and post pregnancy weight fluctuations. Narcissistic, much ?

I am gonna file this post under my ‘notes to self’ label to remind me that I still have a few kilos to shed and not to overeat like tak sedar diri. 🙂

Before I got hitched, my weight was around 54 to 55 kgs, which was considered normal for my height. I’ve always been curvy, blessed with (huge) boobs and (huge) hips. My other body parts are considerably smaller, which is why I think a number of people wouldn’t believe me when I told them I weighed 54kgs. There were even some who thought I weighed 10 kgs lighter !
But as Oprah puts it, it’s not about the number on the scale, ……okay so I forgot the rest of the quote but you get the picture, don’t you ? Haha.

Moving on !

1. I got married in January 2010 and I lost 2kgs for my wedding.

January 2010 – 52 kgs

2. By November 2010, I gained back the 2kgs I lost. Hehe.

November 2010 – 54 kgs

3. In March 2011, and at 16 weeks pregnant, I had already gained 3kgs.

March 2011, 16 weeks pregnant – 57 kgs

4. The weight was steadily piling on as the weeks progressed.

April 2011, 20 weeks pregnant – 59.5 kgs

5. May 2011 – There was just no stopping me at that time. I was happily putting on 5 kgs within a month ! The nurses at my antenatal clinic weren’t so pleased. Hehe.

May 2011, 24 weeks pregnant – 64.5 kgs

6. In June 2011, my weight skyrocketed, again !

June 2011, 28 weeks pregnant – 68 kgs

7. July 2011 – I just couldn’t stop getting fatter. Haha. But by this time, the weight increment was slower than the previous two months. Phew !

July 2011, 32 weeks – 69.5 kgs

8. In August 2011, it dawned on me that I had gained about 16 kgs throughout my pregnancy ! Woahhhh !

August 2011, 32 weeks – 70.5 kgs

9. About a month after I delivered my precious baby Dian Khayla, I only managed to shed about 7 kgs off ! *nangis*

September 2011, 3 weeks post-partum – 63 kgs

10. To date, I have lost a total of 10kgs, and I still need to lose another 6 kgs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

October 2011, 2 months post-partum – 59 kgs

I’ve got around 2 inches to lose around my hips in order for me to fit into most of my old baju kurungs a.k.a my work clothes. If I don’t lose ’em, looks like Mr. Sunshine’s gotta take me on a shopping spree ! Hehe.

I’m lucky I can still squeeze myself into a couple of baju kurungs, because I had a wedding to attend yesterday.
Here’s to hoping I get to say goodbye to my extra kilos, soon !


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8 Comments on the chronicles of my weight (gain).

  1. Aida: Ada terfikir gak actually, but tade budget lg la skng ni babe, with the baby & everything.

    Nurulafiqahshahrulnizam: That’s a great principle to live by ! I’m not aiming to be skinny, heck I wasn’t even skinny to begin with. I just want my normal BMI back and reduce my waist-hip ratio (to reduce risk of heart diseases etc). Hehe. 🙂

  2. kak mel, i gained 17kg during pregnancy. A week after deliver, 7 kg lost. Lepas tu macam tak turun-turun lagi. Asal naik weighing scale je nombor yang same keluar. Tapi masa tu makan tak beringat la. Then bila dah lame tak naik weighing scale, tiba-tiba tengok dah kurang lagi 6 kg. Now ade 4 kg lagi. pheww. Tak tahu nak buat macam mane. Nak diet nanti susu pulak kurang.

  3. Itulah psl, mcm plateau dah skrg. Mmg cannot restrict our diet because we’re breastfeeding kan. Takpe lah, our babies come first, bodies later ! 🙂

  4. slow n steady..just eat while u akak keep on saying to myself..if i diet..then i can produce enough SI to my baby..

    so just eat n eat..but alhamdulillah berat akak maintain je..which i achieved my normal weight mayb after pantang kot..but perut tetap buncit sket..hahaha

    becoz akak naik sket je kot mel..but to maintain is very difficult..sbb after pantang naik balik..hahaha..then turun..then minus 1kg la..

    so dont stress2…n good luck!! 🙂

  5. Emma: Aww, thanks dear !

    Zurai: True. Because sy naik byk gila ! Tu yg mmg lambat lah nak turun balik ek. But it’s ok, I’m concentrating on breastfeeding, so I’ve gotta say no to extreme dieting. Hee.

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