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There’s always tomorrow.
That’s what we, well at least I, think most of the time.
“I’d do it tomorrow la.”
“I’m so gonna starve myself tomorrow.”
“I still have time tomorrow.”
“I’ll blog tomorrow.”

I’m the great grandmother of all procrastinators !

What if tomorrow never comes ?

Mummy used to remind me not to keep till tomorrow what I can do today.
But I never listen, do I ?
Then I go on and on whining not having enough time to do this and that and of course, about being fat.


8 weeks of my hospital attachment ended last week. What a relief. No more waking up at 6 am and no more cases to clerk.
But I still have presentations after presentations to deal with every week. They’re seriously starting to wear me out.
I just need to hold on as it’s all gonna end in a couple of month’s time, InsyaAllah, Aamin.

Last Monday night I had my pre-graduation dinner. I’ve gotta commend my juniors for a job well done because I had a real good time. Apart from the realization that I am finally in my final (hopefully) semester which moved me a little (sobs), the whole night was just great.
My performance singing was, well, so-so la.
Oh by the way, I looked like a huge as a hippo on that night. Blergh. Here are a few photos from that night.

Zana, Nanab and I.


This is Syafiq yo !

Cha and Yamin.

Hippo performing. Blergh.

Class of 2008.

It still feels surreal.
But then again, it might not even be my last. Oh mintak dijauhkan, Aamin.

Oh well, moving on..

How can you say you don’t like someone when you have never spoken to him/her or have never actually taken the time to get to know him/her personally ?

One thing that I have learnt is that you can never shut people’s mouth.
If they decide that they don’t like you, they’ll talk about you and disapprove with anything you do even if you act like a saint. They’ll just keep on talking and all we can do is just pretend to be deaf.

You should never judge a person by how they look/dress. Just because I don’t cover up like some people do, doesn’t mean that I go sleeping around with random men, go around getting drunk or anything along the same lines. Trust me, I have seen other people who dress piously act far worse than I do.

One thing I don’t get is, why do some people enjoy making up silly/untrue stories about others ? Fitnah itu lebih besar dosanya daripada membunuh. You wouldn’t believe the extent these people go with the stories they create. Another thing is that it’s sad to see others believing in all these falsifications.

This is what Daddy had to say to me, “When people fitnah means you have something that they envy you for. The Surah An Nas and Al Falaq are good to recite daily. I am sorry for you as I know such malicious gossip sometimes hurt. But one must learn to cope as the truth will prevail sooner or later. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but talk is just talk. Concentrate on your studies – better.”

Thank you Daddy.

At the end of the day, I guess what really matters is what the people dear to you think. They are the ones who really know who and how you really are. Don’t let other insignificant dimwits break your spirit.

I can’t and won’t be a people pleaser.
From now on, the first person I’m gonna try to please is myself.
(The voice from the back of my head just said, “Yeah, righttt.”)

I miss Gombak so badly I think I’m gonna cry now. Okay maybe I don’t feel like crying (hehe) but seriously, I have been having cravings for my favourite Pan Mee that I can literally smell it from here. I have even been having visions of me jogging at the lake. Yes, it’s that bad. Hee.

Last night I realized that I can hear my neighbour snoring from my room. Gila kuat. Hee.

There’s this small cut on the sole of my left foot that hurts pretty bad. I don’t know where I got it from though.

Okay la, I have a few cases to go through to choose for my final presentation. Read: Boring !

Oh boy, I’m starving. Hee.


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