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Hi all.
As some of you might know, I have experienced a very somewhat traumatic experience with drains a huge drain.
For those of you who don’t have any idea about what I’m referring to, please click here.
So yeah, as a result, I have became a person who would rather take the long route around drains than walk across them.
But today, in an attempt to chase a customer who stupidly took the merchant copy of her credit card receipt, I ran, yes ran across the road and, JUMPED across a HUGE drain !
When it hit me that I just did what I did, and my heart started racing so fast I thought I was gonna collapse. I’m not joking, okay.
Who knew I could leap like that, eh ? You guys should have seen me in action. Haha.
But no worries, I’m alive and still in one piece. No bruises whatsoever. Hee.

I tried squeezing myself into my gold (coloured) kebaya earlier tonight.
The top fitted (it always did), but this time I managed to fit into the sarong.
(Okay, so I can’t really recall whether I could fit into the sarong the last time I tried it on lah actually) I was feeling on top of the world when I could zip the sarong up, but (I hate buts), I realized that I couldn’t walk, sit or, erm, breathe with it on, if not the zippers would just snap.
More work to be done on these humongous hips of mine.
That would be my goal then, to fit into my kebaya’s bottom without being stick thin.
I love my curves.
Did I just type that ?

The downside about losing (and gaining) weight is the stretch marks that come with the pengembangan and penguncupan of my body.
They’re disgustingly everywhere.
There you have it, one good reason for men not to date me.
I have stretch marks, guys.
Oh, and cellulite too.

Okay, enough body bashing.

Zana told me that the UIAM pharmacy graduates have already gotten to know where they will be posted.
A friend of mine (who is a graduate too) told me the same thing.
They’d be reporting for work on August 1.
So early hah !
Gosh I’m soooo anxious !


It would be perfect if I had a tub of ice cream with me now.
With nuts.
And chocolate fudge.


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