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The Story of the Identical Twins & Shaklee

Hello all.
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Today I wanted to share an amazing story of identical twins, Mary and her sister.

Below is a picture of them when they were 4.
Shaklee Twins

And now this is a picture of them at age 69.
Can you guess which one used Shaklee products ?

Shaklee Twins

Isn’t it obvious ? :)
Amazing that these twins can look years apart !

Mary and her sister are identical twins. Mary Anderson from Evansville, Indiana has been a regular user of the entire line of Shaklee products for over 20 years.
On the other hand, Mary’s sister rarely uses Shaklee products, preferring to use products made by other companies.

Even though they were born with the same genetic code, Mary has more energy, feels better, looks younger and is healthier than her non-Shaklee twin sister. Mary has “unbounded energy” at age 69. Mary is very active with her church and does volunteer work. She is President of her local Republican Women’s Organization.

Everyone thinks this mother of 4 and grandmother of 6 teenagers is younger than 69 !

This just goes to show that what we put in our bodies can really make a difference.

This also goes to show how important supplementing is, in the long term.
Some of you might have been taking Shaklee supplements for 2 months or even 2 years and you might think that you do not feel any difference. But trust me, they are helping you from the inside !

So, if you are interested in taking the best products on the market to supplement your diet, gimme a buzz. :)


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