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I am generally okay. Alhamdulillah.
Well apart from this cough I have been having for days now, I am grateful and I have no complains about how things are at the moment.

But please excuse me as I just need to let this out.

This happened at my faculty this evening, as I was walking with Nanab.

Friend: (loudly, in front of her bloody friends) Mel, kau dari mana ? Apsal kau tak lawa eh ?
Me: Heh ?
Friend: Apsal kau tak lawa ? Apsal kau tak lawa macam aku ??
Me: Kau lawa ke ?
Friend: Lawa, lawa !

Was that really necessary ?
Please bear in mind that this is the same person I ranted about here.
Even Nanab was shocked and was wondering how I could actually tolerate all the shitty remarks she has been throwing at me all this while. Nanab knows I don’t usually lash back out at her.
But the fact that she had the audacity to talk to me like that in front of her bloody friends (she did the exact same thing a few days ago) really irked the hell out of me !
Nanab was trying to console me by saying that maybe the fact that she is not beautiful (well, I think she’s okay looking la), makes her insecure which in the end drives her to say such things. She kept reminding me not to let her get to me.
But hello ? I don’t give a fuck why la kan. I don’t even care if she was joking. There are limits to jokes okay. Silly jokes I can take.
But that, to me (and Nanab), was just plain rude, something only an imbecile would say.
Mak bapak tak ajar manners ke weyh ?
It took one bloody bitch person to ruin the rest of my day.
Seriously la okay, I am so angry right now that I am shivering !
I don’t even give a damn if she reads this. I sure hope she does.
Bloody fucker.

Okay, done.


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3 Comments on stop it will you ??

  1. It’s okay…not to be worried!! it happens to me all the time too and freaking annoys me but please bear in mind that dey do this 2 u bcos they’re just plain jealous…u get 2 d de stuffs dat dey wish dey can do…or sumtimes dey wish dey were u but too bad they’re not..therefore, de outcome is such behaviour towards u…show dem that dey dint even shake de dust off ur feet!!

  2. giler.. i nvr know ppl like tht even exist.. obviously she’s jealous of u.. i suggest u nxt time go jer la with her.. like when she said stuff like tht again ke ape. u go along je.. like “ye laa.. org laen mmg x lawa mcm ko.. “.. reverse psyh sket.. 🙂

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