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My menses is due soon and I have been PMS-ing terribly for the past couple of days.
The boyfriend came down to see me (I love him !) last Friday.
Apart from his attempt to stuff me with food all the time, we watched Bride Wars yesterday night and the movie sort of triggered my already active lacrimal glands. I was bursting with tears while saying things like, “I want a best friend like that ! I don’t even have a best friend ! Mummy wanted to be at my wedding, my convocation ! I miss her. I don’t know how to live without her !” etc etc etc.


And after the movie, we bumped into the brother and his girlfriend, my cousin and a few other friends at Murni. My eyes were still swollen and my nose was still red (obviously) from all the unnecessary crying I did, that my brother asked me what was wrong with me.
I just told him that a movie got me a bit emotional.
Well, it was true lah.

Then after sending the boyfriend off at Hentian Putra this afternoon, I was back to crying again.
I suddenly felt so alone.
So down that even my chest hurt.

I got back and read an email that was sent to me a few days ago and started crying (this time while cursing) again.

This is sure exhausting !


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2 Comments on steer away from me.

  1. babes, jangan lah cam ni. I’m your friend kan? I pun takde best friend but I take pride in knowing that I have friends around me to support me.

    Don’t feel alone. Your si kecik friend is here =)

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