Mr Sunshine just left, he has some work to do tonight.
I hope he does not stay out too late. 🙁
We managed to have dinner at home together first though.

I still have not gotten used to addressing him as my husband/hubby/suami. Hee.

I was on medical leave today. I would like to jump straight to the reason I was given the leave but I think I’d let you all in on the series of events that led to me being in pain.

Hubby bubbly (haha) and I went shopping for tudungs on Saturday.
Yes, as seen here, I have started covering my aurat after tying the knot. Since then, I have been using the old tudungs/shawls that I already own.
That’s alright because they go perfectly with my dresses and tops, but I do not own any that would go with any of my baju kurungs for work. And I was going back to work on Sunday (yesterday !).
This intention of mine to cover up was not a hasty one, I have been wanting to do so for almost a year now. But I did not want to rush into it and wanted to make sure that my heart was really into it, because I do not want it to be an ephemeral change. I am trying, slowly, InshaAllah.
I am still my old self, a better me, hopefully, InshaAllah.
Despite it not being a rushed decision, I did not have time to go tudung hunting all this while because I was too preoccupied with other things (read: my wedding !). Which explains the last minute shopping lah.
Bought a few plain and neutral coloured ones which I hope would match with my baju kurungs.

The highlight of that Saturday was definitely lunch time, where Mr Sunshine took me to my favourite place. McDonald’s lah, where else ! Hehe.
I had the Double Chicken Prosperity Burger set. The large set.
Sorry, I am a glutton when it comes to McD’s. 😀
Mr Sunshine had the chicken porridge. Tak mencabar langsung. *yawns*

Mr Sunshine and I had our first home cooked meal that night. Nothing much, just spicy (a bit too spicy !) fried rice with fried eggs. :p
We do not have a stove yet but I used the multipurpose cooker which was given to us as a wedding gift (I really really can’t remember from who, sorry, but thank you so much !). It was my first time cooking in the cooker, and I had trouble getting the eggs I fried to be round in shape. Sobs. :p

Mr Sunshine tambah empat kali tau. I’m thinking I did alright. :p

So that was Saturday.
Yesterday morning, after Mr Sunshine headed off to work, I started getting this terrible pain in my tummy.
I was having a gastric attack ! The pain worsened by the minute. I took 6 tablets of antacids at home but they did not work.
I went to work and took some more antacids, but the pain did not go away. In fact it was getting worse.

I held myself together, I told myself I am not gonna let the pain control me because there were only two of us at work yesterday and I could not leave my colleague alone.
But the pain was unbearable, even after 8  Magnesium Trisilicate tablets, one tablespoon of Magnesium Trisilicate mixture and 1 Ranitidine tablet, I was still crunching in pain.
I was as pale as a dead person.
Sakit sangat. :'(
One of the senior pharmacy assistant rushed me to the Emergency Department where I was injected with an analgesic, Diclofenac Sodium and placed on IV Sodium Chloride drip with IV Ranitidine. 🙁

So yes, that’s how I got my medical leave.
Still don’t get it ?

Okay, bye.


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