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This household has finally subscribed to Astro ! Alhamdulillah.
Daddy’s pretty excited. OK, OK, so am I lah !
Jakun kan saya ini.

Mr. Sunshine came over for buka just now. He brought my favourite, Kuih Badak Berendam ! *smiles* I ate four out of the five ‘badaks’. Haha.
He took me to Jusco after buka, to get some Raya cards and get my silver ring cleaned.
He is currently going on and on claiming that my Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Api was yummy. So tipu !
He’s trying to get me to cook for him again. Fat hopes, awak. *senyum manja*

I miss my lappie so much. Sobs.

The sister is currently sitting for her SPM trials.
She is so rajin OK. I’m so embarassed because I don’t remember being as studious as her when I was sitting for my trials (or SPM for that matter).
She has her book(s) with her everywhere she goes.
Bangganya ada adik macam itu.

Was online with Marc for a bit just now.
It has been two weeks since he last came back home.
He’s recovering from a fever he had the past week.
Poor him, swamped with loads of work to do while he’s not well.

My classmates just informed me that KKM has posted our placement letters. *gulp*
And, that we’re gonna report to work on October 3rd (some say 5th). But that’s like a couple of days after Raya !
But whatever it is, I am still grateful that I’m going to start working (and getting paid) soon. Alhamdulillah.

But if we’re starting to work so soon, that means I wouldn’t have enough time to lose a few more kilos.
Darn it.
What ? I didn’t say I’m fat OK.

My back hurts.
I should stop slouching. My posture’s getting worse.


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