Currently feeling: Breathless
Currently listening to: Nothing

*Sniff sniff*
Eh, no mucus.
*Sniiffff snifffffff*
Still none.
*Blows nose*
Nothing !

Hoooyyeaaahhhh !
Thank you Cetirizine and Loratadine (plus pseudoephedrine) !

The doctor I went to last night referred me to the ENT clinic, and when I asked him when should I go, he replied, “Bila you rasa you dah betul betul give up”.
On medications I suppose.
But funny lah his response.

Back to work tomorrow.

From now on, I vow to answer “Work is okay.” to everyone who asks me about work no matter how bad it gets. Oh boy, I’d be lying a whole lot after this.
I shall try to resist talking too much about it though, because then it’ll just dampen what’s left of my spirits.
I am focusing on getting this phase over and done with !

This must be the antihistamines talking.
I am never this positive.

Anywayyyyyyyy, there are 44 photos ahead, people.
Nope, I have not found my CS2 cd but I made do with my Elements.

First up, lunch with the Gombak people at Italiannies, The Curve. I can’t remember exactly when this took place. What I do remember is Navin just shaved his head, Gan had a secret relationship with one of our ex schoolmates, Kunasheela (kidding !) and some of us had a taste of a deceivingly yummy-looking cookie which actually tasted like plastic !

Macam gambar kelas, kan.

Ini awesome couple.

Ini pun awesome couple !

Next is Bryan’s pool partaayyyy at Pelangi Condo, Damansara !

Sexy lah tu konon saya posing macam itu. Hmph.

Drooling over the long (and hard ?) ‘E’.

We ran outta cups but it didn’t seem to stop them from getting refills.

The cake I did not get to taste. Sobs.

KLPac Open Day !

Bumped into Ann. Whee !

Along with Diana and Fira. *smiles*

The sister before she gave a kick ass performance of Alicia Keys’ No One.

Then there was a reunion with my high school best friends on CNY’s eve at Bora Ombak, Ampang. Such a lovely place.

Azi, Yati, Akey and Yusse.

The family CNY buffet steamboat dinner ! (I am aware that I am abusing the use of the exclamation marks)

Sotong disangka jagung. Hahahaha.

Daddy !

The sister who always looks hot even when eating.

Lunch at IKEA with the old Sis Sal.

CNY get together with my Gombak people.

Lene just got her bangs cut at that time.

HPJ Pharmacy Department’s Family Day at Desa Waterpark.

The kids’ games.

I could have scooped all those sweets in one go.

This was so physically challenging.

Hoyyeaaahhh !

My trip to Kuala Terengganu. *heart smiles*

Sekayu Waterfalls.

Yusse’s weddinnggg !! Tears were overflowing.


The new Sis Sal. *smiles*

And last but definitely not least, Sunshine. Mine ! This was last week, after meeting Daddy. *smiles*

That was tiring.


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